April 22, 2014

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Q1 – Another Record Quarter for Maintenance Assistant

Toronto, Ontario – April 22, 2014Maintenance Assistant Inc., the innovative global CMMS solution provider, announces another record quarter of revenue and customer acquisition in the first Quarter of 2014. “I’m delighted to announce that we beat our forecast in Q1, growing revenues by 150% over the same period last year, achieved through a combination of record new MA CMMS™ users coupled with strong customer retention,” CEO Marc Castel said. “Maintenance Assistant continues to leverage its advanced technology stack to be the game-changing, mobile and collaborative CMMS that helps organizations optimize how they manage their assets and reduced costly equipment downtime. Customers get our simple business model of “per seat” pricing with no additional set-up costs.  The majority of people we speak with are looking to switch to a scalable cloud solution, and with CIOs continuing to migrate away from costly and IT intensive on-premises solutions, we’re right in the sweet spot”.

“We continue to architect industry leading cloud technologies to build a compelling product with a contemporary design”, said Daryl Sedgman, President. “The world is becoming more connected, where new products and devices are shipping with the immediate ability to connect to the Internet. This January we took a major step forward with the release of MA Monitoring™ to align our CMMS with this new industry trend. MA Monitoring™ lets users connect their equipment sensors directly to our maintenance software through the cloud. When equipment fails, or is trending towards failing, maintenance technicians are notified the instant the asset needs attention so the issue can be addressed before it turns into something more serious. From our Arduino API to integration with major industrial automation connectivity systems like oBIX and OPC, our goal is to make Maintenance Assistant the asset management platform for the Internet of things (IoT).”

New customers

“Our research shows that organizations that have deployed MA CMMS™ are seeing, on average, a 15% increase in productivity in the first 6 months,” said Jeff O’Brien, Director of Customer Success. “MA CMMS™ is a proven tool to reduce costs while increasing efficiency. Technicians of any skill level can play a role in achieving asset management excellence at their organization.” In Q1, Maintenance Assistant added another record number of new customers spanning automotive, medical devices, facility management and healthcare. Some notable new companies using MA CMMS include Magna, KFC, Chromolloy, Melco Crown Entertainment, Medilabor and Cal-Comp USA.

New features and improvements

Maintenance Assistant continues to fuel the next wave of industry innovations to further automate and streamline asset management processes. In Q1, a host of new features were added to MA CMMS™ including advanced work order filtering, barcode functionality and direct machine monitoring. In addition, Amazon® industrial supply was added to the growing list of vendors in MA Source™, a tool that helps CMMS users find and purchase equipment, parts and supplies seamlessly inside the app. There are now over 1 million items listed, helping users get the best prices and the widest selection.

Outlook for Q2

Maintenance Assistant anticipates another strong quarter in Q2 with the much-anticipated release of MA Mobile™ v2. “We’re already reinventing the way organizations do maintenance with breakthrough technologies such as MA Source™, MA Sparetime™ and MA Monitoring™”, said Bob Kandic, Chief Software Architect. “With the world migrating to mobile, we want to be on the cutting edge of mobile CMMS technology too, so we will be launching MA Mobile™ v2, a native CMMS app for iPhone and Android devices. We’ve revamped the navigation to optimize the technician’s workflow; limiting the number of clicks to get the job done. MA Mobile™ V2 will use native functionality on the device such as its GPS, camera, scanning, NFC and the device memory.”

About Maintenance Assistant CMMS

Maintenance Assistant is an Enterprise Asset Management and CMMS cloud solution used by thousands of asset-intensive businesses around the world to transform their maintenance operations, eliminate waste and costly downtime, and manage risk. Our flagship product, MA CMMS™ is a core business management tool used by maintenance managers, technicians, engineers, purchasing agents and business owners to streamline their maintenance operations and improve their bottom line. Since its launch in 2006, Maintenance Assistant’s CMMS has been deployed in over 150 countries and in more than 30 languages. We are one of the fastest growing maintenance software solutions, providing a modern CMMS / EAM experience to customers around the world.

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