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April 2, 2014

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CMMS barcode scanning

In the next couple of months we will be releasing a new native mobile application for our CMMS. Last week, we added one of the first visible signs of this new mobile application: rendered barcodes. When the new mobile application is released, you will be able to scan a barcode and be taken directly to the appropriate page in your CMMS. But right now, if you have assets with barcode numbers you will be able see a rendered image of the barcode within your CMMS.

A barcode rendered in MACMMS

Add barcodes to your CMMS

The easiest way to show your barcode is to add a barcode to an asset in your CMMS. Then, follow the prompts to the asset categories tab in the CMMS settings section of your CMMS. From there you can choose the type of barcode that is applicable for each of your asset categories (there are many to choose from).

Follow the links to enable barcodes in your CMMS

Follow the links to enable barcodes in your CMMS

To directly access the barcode settings go to Settings > CMMS Settings. Then click on any of the asset categories. You will be prompted by a dialog box to set your barcode type.

In the coming weeks we will add functionality that will allow you to batch print these barcodes onto labels. If you have any other use cases for barcodes in your CMMS please let me know with a comment below.

Do you want to see an example of barcodes?

If you are new to the CMMS and want to see the barcodes in our system you can login to our free test drive to see the rendered barcodes. Simply add a number in the barcode field of any asset in the test drive CMMS, press save, and see the barcode appear.

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