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Skyrocket productivity and slash downtime with the tool your organization needs to scale your maintenance operations.

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Manage assets effortlessly

Whether you’re managing one or one hundred facilities, Fiix keeps all your asset information in one place. Machine availability, asset costs, PM scheduling, and instant access to historical information make asset management easier than ever. All asset information is just a QR code scan away, keeping knowledge at your fingertips.

Skyrocket productivity

Eliminate maintenance chaos with streamlined work order management. Easily submit, complete, and update work orders from anywhere. Prioritize planned and unplanned maintenance tasks as quickly as your workday changes.

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Focus on the work that matters

Set up scheduled maintenance according to date and time, meter readings, or event and alarm-based triggers. Standardize practices with automated task lists and receive notifications for upcoming maintenance.

Mobilize like never before

The Fiix CMMS mobile app lets your technicians access work orders, update tasks completed, and view instructions from anywhere—even when they’re offline.

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Make data-driven decisions

The fully customizable, interactive Fiix dashboard gives you a birds’ eye view of your maintenance operations. Whether it’s understanding work orders, inventory, or KPIs, the information you need to drive your team forward is accessible any time. You can also create customized and scheduled reports especially for your team.

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Connect your entire organization

With easy integrations, the Fiix platform will transform the way your team works. Connect with your ERP to facilitate cross-departmental communication, sync with condition monitoring systems to stay ahead of equipment failure, and more—the sky’s the limit! Book a demo today to learn more.

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