Our mission is to make maintenance teams successful.

What we do

Fiix is simplifying the journey to modern maintenance. We’re the first open CMMS platform that mixes innovative technology with a focus on partnering with customers to make buying, implementing, and using maintenance software easier than ever.

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Why we’re different

Focused on partnership

We support our customers, regardless of where you are on your reliability journey. We’ll help with implementation and adoption, walk you through defining your goals and KPIs, and be there through every step of your CMMS journey.

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Built on modern technology

Our modern tech stack, technician-first mobile app and CMMS Integration Hub are all here to help drive automation and optimization for our customers. We’re always focused on innovation to continue evolving our cloud-based CMMS platform.

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Committed to reliability

Fiix customers trust us to be there for them when they need it. With a 99.5% software uptime guarantee, a 99% tech support customer satisfaction rate, a best-in-class training and implementation program and a dedicated customer success team, we are relentlessly focused on customer success.

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Driven by sustainability

We know that better maintenance drives sustainability. Through our product, we are helping businesses reduce energy use and waste. Through education, partnership, and advocacy, we are building stronger links between the maintenance industry and long term global sustainability.

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