What is a cloud-based CMMS?

The key to propelling your maintenance management towards Industry 4.0 best practices

Drive innovation and stay ahead of your competition

A cloud-based CMMS is the most effective way to manage maintenance in a world of ever-evolving technology. It’s available over the internet, whereas on-premise software needs to be downloaded and installed on local servers. Cloud-based CMMS has the same level of functionality as on-premise systems, but with plenty of additional benefits.

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The top reasons why 4,000+ companies use Fiix’s cloud-based CMMS

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Plan, track, and measure maintenance from anywhere with Fiix

Stop being bound by terminals, networks, and spotty internet connection. Fiix’s cloud software equips your maintenance team with the tools and information to do the job, from anywhere.

Access asset details, work orders, and inventory records at anytime, from anywhere in the world

See tasks, log work, and read reports from your laptop, desktop, or mobile device

Complete work in even the most remote location with Fiix’s offline mode

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Designed to be easy to use

Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful

Partnering with Fiix means that you get industry-leading innovation without any disruption to your business. With 50+ product updates a year, we’re constantly improving functionality, with no disruption or additional cost to you. We take care of all the technical details so you can take care of business.

Fiix develops, runs, updates, and maintains the software

We take care of all hardware requirements

Our training and support services mean you’re never alone when learning the system

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Reliability you can always count on

Keeping assets reliable is your top priority. Keeping your CMMS software reliable is ours.

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Our cloud solution delivers best-in-class reliability with a 99.5% uptime guarantee

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We are constantly making investments in data redundancy (e.g. back-up servers) that reduce the risk of outages and data loss

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Our team has implemented continuous logging and monitoring best practices

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Never lose sleep

Never lose sleep over your data again

You can worry less about stolen, lost, damaged, or tampered data with cloud CMMS maintenance software. Studies show that when you use cloud CMMS maintenance software vs on-premise software, you reduce your chance of security breaches by 22%.

Your CMMS data is digitized, stored, and backed up on secure servers

Numerous controls keep your data safe at all times, including encryption controls, tiered defense, penetration testing, and control audits

We take care of setting up and always keeping your data security up-to-date

Our disaster relief plan takes care of your data, even in the worst-case scenario

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Features - pricing

Features and pricing plans that work for you

You need a cloud-based CMMS software that’s designed to work alongside you, no matter where you are and what you’re doing. Unlike on-premise solutions, Fiix’s CMMS is built to grow with your organization as it scales. Choose from a broad range of features and customize them for your workflows.

Spend less budget upfront with our subscription-based model, free of hidden fees

Add or remove users, and change their permissions any time you want

Manage global sites in one central location and add as you go

Integrate seamlessly with OT/IT software with the only open CMMS ecosystem in the market

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Connect to any system with less effort

Ensuring a seamless and constant flow of data between your maintenance and business systems will eliminate information silos. With an extensive network of integration partners available, you’re able to connect your Fiix CMMS to 1000’s of endpoints.

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Integrate with ERP software to keep inventory and financials as accurate as possible

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Connect to SCADA, PLCs, and other production systems for real-time asset updates

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Walk an easier path to data-driven maintenance with Fiix’s Integration Hub

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