Food and beverage maintenance software

Turn admin time into wrench time, pass audits, and hit uptime targets

Fiix’s CMMS helps maintenance teams manage 1000s of assets, work orders, parts, and compliance tasks without spending hours on a computer every day

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Audits, compliance, and safety

Complete all your compliance tasks on time and prove it to auditors in seconds

  • Track the status of compliance tasks for customer audits and regulators from a single dashboard
  • Find maintenance records by date, user, and type in under 30 seconds with the audit trail tool
  • Add safety tasks to work orders and use e-signatures to ensure guidelines are followed
  • Attach certifications to technician profiles and get notified when they need to be renewed

The maintenance team at Scottish Sea Farms has passed 100% of its audits since implementing Fiix six years ago.

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Maintenance planning and scheduling

Prioritize, assign, and track work orders in as little as five clicks

  • Build customizable dashboards to schedule, assign, and track all work from one place
  • Automatically create and schedule work orders in Fiix based on meter readings
  • Track maintenance costs, repair dates, and other maintenance activity for every asset
  • Automatically notify contractors of upcoming work and get updates on their schedules and invoices

Since using Fiix, we spend less time on the computer with work orders and are able to spend more time on the floor addressing maintenance issues.
- Theresa P., Maintenance Supervisor

Reducing downtime

Find, fix, and prevent breakdowns without cutting into production time

  • Trigger preventive maintenance when anomalies are detected on equipment
  • Use failure codes to spot failure patterns and stop breakdowns from happening again
  • See repair histories in a few clicks and stop replacing parts as a troubleshooting tool
  • Turn admin time into wrench time by attaching checklists, photos, and manuals to work orders

Manufacturers cut unplanned downtime by 27% on average with Fiix.

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Mobile CMMS app screen

Mobile CMMS app

See work order details from anywhere, even if there’s no internet

  • Create, schedule, and fill out work orders on a mobile device in as little as 20 seconds
  • Access work order details and log notes on the mobile app—internet or no internet
  • Use QR codes to get asset and inventory information without going back and forth to the office
  • Use voice-to-text to add notes on work orders so you can record details on the go

The Fiix mobile app allows us to look at the status of work orders without having to go to your desk. You can do it from the floor by easily scanning QR codes.
- Will M., Safety Coordinator

Maintenance reporting and analytics

Track and compare maintenance performance across assets, sites, and shifts

  • Build custom dashboards to visualize and filter key metrics by time, asset, or site
  • Download your data in multiple formats and share insights across your business
  • Forecast parts for upcoming maintenance and predict at-risk work on your schedule
  • Report on costs and justify capital expenditure decisions without creating a single spreadsheet

We’ve definitely developed a better preventative maintenance plan from data acquired through Fiix. Production has definitely seen an improvement…over the last several years.
- Will K., Maintenance Engineer

Maintenance reporting and analytics screen

Fiix's maintenance software integrates with the systems that manufacturers rely on

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Set up Fiix and see value in weeks with our team of maintenance experts

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We’ll help you set up every part of your maintenance software and track adoption so you can avoid delays, overspending, and steep learning curves.

  • 834 successful implementations in manufacturing every year
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Get the tools and know-how to navigate change, drive results with your maintenance software, and scale the impact of maintenance.

  • 200 years of combined experience in maintenance and reliability among Fiix’s training team
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Support and success

We’re here to help you design a success plan for your manufacturing maintenance software and manage any problem, project, or idea you have.

  • 93% of manufacturing customers rank their experience working with Fiix as excellent


Get help, give help, and spark new ideas with maintenance professionals from around the world in The Fiixers community.

  • 90% of all questions on The Fiixers Community are answered by fellow Fiix customers

Fiix in food and beverage manufacturing

Food manufacturer Perth County Ingredients reduced reactive maintenance by 54% and cut costs by $40,000 a year with Fiix

See how they did it

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“We’ve seen old issues fall off. Things like motor pumps and bearings replacements. They’ve all decreased with Fiix.”

Tom Dufton, Maintenance Manager, Perth County Ingredients

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More about Fiix

How much does Fiix’s manufacturing maintenance software cost? Is there a free version?

Fiix is a subscription-based maintenance management software. That means that you pay monthly or annually for every user. There are three subscription tiers:

  • Basic ($45 per user, per month)
  • Professional ($75 per user, per month)
  • Enterprise (Since requirements vary widely for enterprise-level teams, so does the price. Contact us to get custom pricing)

Check out our pricing page for more information on what’s included in each tier.

There is also a cost for additional training, implementation, integration, and premium support services. You can see all these services on our training and implementation page. You can also get an instant quote with all costs included using our pricing calculator.

There’s also a free version of Fiix’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). It's perfect for small food and beverage manufacturers and asset management teams that want to prove the value of maintenance management software before making an investment. Our free CMMS is not a trial (it won’t expire after days or weeks) and doesn’t require a credit card to sign up. You can get started with the free CMMS today!

Can I connect Fiix to other systems?

Yes, Fiix can integrate with many different solutions, including:

  • Business systems (like ERP software, PLM software, and supply chain software)
  • Operational technology (like PLCs, a manufacturing execution system, or quality management software)
  • A variety of other asset management systems (like fleet management or inventory management software)

Here are a few helpful links if you’re interested in learning more about Fiix’s integration capabilities:

Fiix is a cloud-based maintenance management system. What does that mean?

It means everything you do with Fiix is done on the internet, from the way you access the computerized maintenance management system to how you store data in it. It also means eliminating the headaches of traditional, on-premise preventive maintenance software that’s all too common in asset management, like being tethered to a workstation, installing expensive hardware, or losing your data if a computer crashes.

Learn everything about cloud-based maintenance and asset management software

What happens to my data when it goes into Fiix?

Data that’s put into Fiix is stored on secure servers using Amazon Web Services and managed by Fiix. These servers are set up to keep data from falling into the wrong hands or getting lost. Fiix also backs up your data, takes care of all security installs and updates, and manages all regular maintenance on the services so you don’t have to do any of that work yourself. As far as who sees your data, Fiix is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, which is a series of strict privacy guidelines that we follow and ensures your data from your maintenance operation is never sold, given away, or shown to anyone except you.

Is Fiix compliant with ISO, CFR, and other food safety regulations?

Fiix is not compliance software. But it can help you prove and maintain compliance with a variety of food safety regulations. Fiix allows you to schedule, track, and document all your maintenance activities so you can show auditors and regulators that you’ve followed the necessary guidelines for regulatory compliance.

You can use the audit trail tool to filter and find work orders by timeframe, type, and user so you can prepare for audits without digging through binders or endless scrolling through your files. The CMMS also allows you to set up digital signatures to sign off on work, add safety equipment and tasks to work orders, and customize work order fields so you can track any health and safety data you want.

There are thousands of companies in regulated industries using Fiix to track their maintenance activities. That includes businesses in food and beverage manufacturing that have to comply with FDA, USDA, OSHA, EPA, SQF, and ISO regulations. If you would like to talk about how Fiix can help you stay compliant with your specific guidelines, contact us here.