Predict and prevent breakdowns, delays, and stockouts

Fiix Foresight uses AI to analyze your maintenance data really quickly and find trends that help you plan, purchase, and manage—all without leaving your CMMS

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See the future of your facility, and what maintenance should do about it, in seconds

Foresight automatically sifts through all your maintenance data so you don’t have to

Analyze 1000s of work orders, purchase orders, and more in seconds—all without crunching a single number.

Find out how to fix overspending, ineffective schedules, and waste

Spot patterns and anomalies in the way your team and assets work so you can spend less time reacting to breakdowns and more time hitting uptime targets.

See all insights from a single dashboard—no spreadsheets necessary

Access all the information from Foresight on Fiix's analytics dashboard with just a couple of clicks.

Improve your data, and decisions, every single day

Every work order, purchase, and other data that goes into Fiix makes Foresight’s recommendations more accurate so you can plan with speed and confidence.


Everything your maintenance team needs to solve problems instead of looking for them

Work order insights

Automatically analyze 1000s of work orders to see which ones are causing breakdowns, delays, and compliance issues.

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Parts forecaster

Predict the parts you’ll need for upcoming work so you can avoid stockouts and reduce working capital on your storeroom shelves.

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Asset insights

Be automatically alerted if you’re spending extra time or money on maintenance, consuming too many parts, or doing too much reactive work.

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See how closed and upcoming work impacts uptime, throughput, and costs

Spot potential asset failure and boost uptime

Get a list of work orders that are likely to cause breakdowns. View issues by site, risk, and impact so you can prioritize and prevent them.

Predictive failure
Compare performance

Compare performance across shifts and sites

View work order health and team performance by shift and site so you can spend your time and money where they’ll make the most impact.

Predict delays so you can avoid stoppages and increase wrench time

Find the root cause of delays, fix it, and create processes that help your team get the job done faster so production can run on time.

Avoid Delays
Examine Work Orders

See why a work order led to extra downtime or costs

Click into each section of your work orders to spot problem areas, edit details from your dashboard, and eliminate issues in seconds.


Forecast the parts you’ll need for upcoming maintenance, reduce stockouts, and cut inventory costs

Purchase the right parts at the right time

Determine what parts you’ll need, and how much you’ll need, for all the maintenance on your schedule without relying on guesswork.

Parts forecaster
All parts purchasing recommendations

Stop over and understocking critical spares

Get recommendations that help you avoid parts shortages and blowing your budget on unnecessary inventory.

Predict usage for up to 25 parts

Choose up to 25 parts to track with parts forecaster so you can purchase and plan with confidence without sorting through a pile of numbers.

Predictive usage

See forecasts in seconds from a central dashboard

Set up parts forecaster on Fiix’s analytics dashboard so you can see recommendations without leaving your CMMS.

“We can start seeing things we have never seen in the past, like patterns of failures. And instead of just fixing the issues and moving on, we can now ask ‘why are those issues happening’?"

Jose Yorba, US Asset Management in the Fire Safety Group, Perimeter Solutions


A pre-built dashboard that alerts you when you spend more time, money, or resources on equipment

Set baselines for your maintenance program without collecting any extra data

Asset insights automatically looks through your work orders and calculates the average level of maintenance for equipment—no sensors or extra number crunching necessary.

Spot red flags in asset performance with three clicks

Asset insights alerts you if there are any anomalies in maintenance levels, like if you’re doing more reactive maintenance than normal or if labor costs are high this month.

Find out why you’re spending more money, time, and resources on maintenance

View all completed, active, and upcoming work orders for a piece of equipment right on the asset insights dashboard so you can explore what caused a problem and fix it right away.

Share insights and wins right from the dashboard

Email a copy of your dashboard to your team so they can take action quickly or to business leaders to show them how maintenance is helping the company hit its goals.

Asset Insights List dashboard view
  1. See the preventive maintenance percentage for these assets
  2. View average and current maintenance levels for each asset at a glance
  3. Click into an asset to explore its performance further
  4. Track current and predicted asset performance
Asset Insights List dashboard view
Asset Insights List dashboard view
  1. Filter and share your dashboard in a couple of clicks, without leaving your CMMS
  2. Track the preventive maintenance percentage for an asset across months
  3. See the time, money, and resources you spent on an asset in a month, and if it’s below or above average
  4. Review monthly work orders for an asset, including completed, active, and upcoming work
Asset Insights dashboard view
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