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Sustainability and social impact at Fiix

At Fiix, our higher purpose is to create a more sustainable world. Everything we do is with this goal in mind. It guides the way we do business. It helps us enable our customers to be agents of change. And it impacts the way we interact with our communities.

This page is a way to measure ourselves against this goal, highlight our wins and shortcomings, and explore new ways to make a difference while remaining accountable to our colleagues, customers, environment, and community.


Running a company with a higher purpose

At Fiix, sustainability and social impact (SSI) has always been about running a business the right way. As a Rockwell Automation company and leader in SaaS, we have the resources to create positive, lasting change for our employees, customers, community, and the planet, while being profitable.

The business case for our sustainability and social impact efforts: The profit

Every year we survey our customers to understand how sustainability and social impact influenced their decision to purchase Fiix.


Five-year average revenue spent on SSI (2016-2020)


Average annual recurring revenue generated because of SSI (2017-2020)


Almost 1 in every 4 Fiix customers say SSI influenced their decision to purchase Fiix (2017-2020)

The business case for our sustainability and social impact efforts: The people

You can’t make a difference in the world without smart, talented, and dedicated teammates. Our sustainability and social impact values and activities help us attract and retain those awesome people.


More than three-quarters of new employees said our SSI program influenced their decision to join Fiix (2017-2020)


Almost 9 out 10 employees said that our SSI program influenced their decision to stay at Fiix (2019-2020)


The average employee engagement score over the last four years (2017-2020)

Elevating ourselves to help elevate others

Our higher purpose was never just a goal for Fiix alone. We’ve always wanted to be a model for how to do business the right way. Being mentioned alongside some of the best companies in the world helps us raise our voice and talk about the things that matter most.

Fast 50 winner 2020
Growth list 2020
CTGC winner 2020


How we keep ourselves accountable to our higher purpose

When we make a commitment, we mean it. That’s why it’s important to keep our goals, progress, and shortcomings visible.

Fiixers at work and Fiix logo

UN Sustainable Development Goals

To match our efforts with those of the international community, we align ourselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We surveyed our employees and our customers to understand which goals resonate with them. Here are the goals we work towards through our programs and partnerships:

Decent work and economic growth
Gender equality
Life on land
Quality education
Responsible consumption and production

New employee programs and policies

Being accountable to our vision means putting our words and plans into action. Here are a few programs and policies we put in place in 2020 to help our employees work and live at their best.

COVID-19 virus

COVID-19 response

Health and safety protocols and credits for a work-from-home environment

puzzle board

Diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity

Our commitments, responsibilities, and actions that create a better workplace

laptop on table

Digital First Relocation Reimbursement Program

Allowance for telecommunications and setting up a remote work environment

woman with mask on

Return to work protocols

Health and safety measures for voluntary return to the office


Career development tools

Performance management and professional development platforms to help employees learn and grow

hand with calculator

Employee expenses platform

A system to help make it easier for employees to submit an expense claim


How we create an engaging, healthy, and equitable workplace

Our people are the heart of Fiix. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

Images of Fiixers in nature

Diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity

We take a holistic approach to diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity. Here are a few of the areas of our business that we look at:



Self-identification data

Training and education

Employee resource groups



Competency frameworks

Career development

Employee surveys

A diverse workplace is a better workplace

Our diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity efforts are never done. We’re always looking for ways to grow and improve.


We’ve grown a lot over the years


2020 goal: 33% women-identifying and non-binary employees2020 actual: 25% 2021 goal: 33%

Racialized Employees

2020 goal: 40% self-identified racialized employees 2020 actual: 25% 2021 goal: 40%.

Each individual at Fiix is unique and possesses different dimensions of diversity. We strive to ensure every team member feels valued so we can create cohesion and collaboration. This allows creativity, idea sharing, and innovation to flourish, which supports business objectives and outcomes.

Dean Delpeache, Director of Talent & Diversity at Fiix

Headshot of Dean Delpeache

Our employee training and education initiatives

Crescendo logo

Our diversity and inclusion education tool


2021 employee participation rate: (goal: 21%)


2020 employee participation rate: 20%

Diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity conversations

Diversity & Inclusion
LGBTQ+ at Work
Indigenous Peoples
Unconscious Bias
Mental Health
Discrimination & Racism

Fiix’s Employee Resource Groups

graphic of sun over water

Balance (Mental Health)

graphic of rainbow infinity sign

Pride (LGBTQIA+)


Asian Community

graphic of red yellow and green heart


“What employees needed most from our ERG were some additional tools to help manage their mental health through the pandemic. Fiixers often reach out to us privately after each event we host. By far, the most common response is that they were inspired to reach out to our EAP to book their first-ever counseling session.”

Julie Palmer, co-lead, Balance ERG at Fiix

Julie Palmer headshot

What our employees said about the impact of our social programs:


95.5% of employees say they feel like they belong


90.9% of employees say they feel valued


92.8% of employees say Fiix’s approach to Diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity reflects their needs as an individual

Fiix makes an effort to ensure we are provided with the resources we need, and more recently with initiatives such as education on BLM and getting us involved in company activities is a reflection of how well the company makes an effort to demonstrate their approach to DIBE

Jessica Martinez Sondhi, Customer Success Representative at Fiix

Jessica Martinez Sondhi headshot

We’ve worked to respond to systemic racism in society and business

graphic of number 1

Hosted a company-wide discussion on racism and discrimination

graphic of number 2

Implemented a diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity strategy

graphic of number 3

Set quantifiable goals for increasing representation of women, non-binary, and racialized employees

graphic of number 4

Reviewed and assessed compensation by gender and race

graphic of number 5

Built a competency framework to remove personal bias from talent recruitment and development

graphic of number 6

Hosted two training sessions for senior leadership to discuss inclusive leadership

graphic of number 7

Committed to inclusivity training for all employees

graphic of number 8

Developed a dashboard to analyze and report on key representation metrics

graphic of number 9

Hosted two training sessions for business leaders and people managers to discuss inclusive leadership

graphic of number 10

Introduced an equity statement into job postings

We measure employee well-being through engagement, retention, and education


Employee engagement score 2021
2020: 8.2


2021 employee retention rate
2020: 82%


Percentage of employees that are using their education subsidy in 2021
2020: 61%

Perks are nice. But a well-being program is better. Here’s how we’re offering that to employees*

Four weeks of paid time off

Three paid volunteer days

Flexible medical and dental benefits

Corporate discounts for Perkopolis and Goodlife

$200 credit for a gym membership or fitness classes

Unlimited education allowance

Ability to work remotely or from Toronto HQ

Free snacks, coffee and tea

Employee Assistance Program

RRSP matching and employer-paid pension plan

*Benefits vary depending on employee location

Fiix and COVID-19

Employee safety and well-being at Fiix is second-to-none. So when COVID-19 hit, we sprang into action and provided employees with:

Essential home office equipment

A remote-friendly on-boarding process

graphic of covid virus

Virtual wellness events, including meditation, mobility, and workout classes

Additional time off on an as-needed basis

Why our Fiixers are the true MVPs

Our employees turn our values from words on a page into projects, policies, and action. They’re responsible for making Fiix an awesome place to work, grow, and make a difference. And we have the awards to prove it.

SME 2020 award
GPTW July 2020 to June 2021 award
Best workplaces youth award 2020
Best Workplaces Inclusion award 2020
Best Workplaces Mental Wellness award 2020
Best Workplaces Ontario award 2020
Best Workplaces Technology award 2020
Best Workplaces Women award 2020


How we make an impact in the community

Giving back is an important part of our DNA. That’s why we work with our community partners to find the best way to address global needs at a local level.

Images of Fiixers volunteering

Our volunteering efforts

Fiix employees gave 4,500+ volunteer hours over the last three years, which makes the drop in 2020 extremely disappointing. But it’s also understandable.

The COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult, and often impossible, to volunteer in-person. Transitioning to remote volunteering was a challenge. We have a plan to get back on track in 2021 and crush our volunteer goals again.


Fiix employees have spent 238 hours volunteering so far in 2021
2020: 723


We are currently at 10% of our goal for employee volunteer hours in 2021
2020: 26%

Community partner spotlights

Canada Learning Code

“Fiix has supported Canada Learning Code in a magnitude of ways over the years - from enabling projects to ensuring we’re delivering experiences to those who need it their unwavering support as we navigated the shift from in-person learning experiences to virtual. We are thrilled to have Fiix's we ensure all people in Canada can be creators, not just consumers, of technology.”

headshot of Melissa Sariffodeen

Melissa Sariffodeen, CEO and co-founder of Canada Learning Code

Canada Learning Code logo

Rare Charitable Research Reserve

"Collaborating with Fiix on our pollinator mapping project helped us to take the idea to reality. Fiix shared their expertise in data visualization, graphic design, and many skills we didn’t have within our team. Our partnership has really flourished beyond just funding and we are so excited to expand what we could accomplish."

Headshot of Laura Klein

Laura Klein, Gosling Engagement Coordinator

RARE logo

Women in Reliability and Asset Management

“Our many collaborations with the Fiix team have been transformational. The positive energy and high performance mindset, combined with a rich tapestry of diversity and inclusion, has inspired the team at the Association of Asset Management Professionals to stand for a world that works for everyone.”

Headshot of Maura Abad

Maura Abad, Director of Women in Reliability and Asset Management AMP

WIRAM logo

Other community partners

Black Professionals in Tech Network

Our partnership with BPTN supports our overall DIBE strategy and we are delighted to have been a founding sponsor in 2019.

Venture Out

For the past two years, we’ve supported the LGBTQ2A+ community with Venture Out job fair and conference.

Centre for Social Innovation

We sponsored $5,000 towards the Centre for Social Innovation’s Next Economy series in 2020, bringing light to how we can build back better.

Centre for Social Innovation

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility

Fiix is a proud member of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, a professional association for Canadian companies championing business as a force for good.

CBSR logo

Access to Success

We are committed to building a more inclusive economy by partnering with Access to Success. In 2021, we donated $5,000 to ATS Labs, Canada’s first accelerator for accessibility startups.

Access to Success logo


We’ve paid out $6,000 in scholarships to students pursuing continuing education between 2016 and 2020.

COVID-19 community support:

Fiix rallied to contribute $10,000 to the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation to help combat COVID-19 and aid those with COVID-19.

toronto general western hospital logo

Anti-Racism Community Support

Systemic racism can’t be fixed in a year. That’s why we’ll continue to be active allies in our community. We joined forces with several community organizations in 2020, contributing $2,500 to each to support their efforts to end systemic racism.

We saw an increase in anti-Asian hate and discrimination in 2021. We’re responding by showing our support for the local Asian community and contributing $10,000 to our community partners.

Fiix's financial support in 2020 ($2,500 to each partner)

Fiix's financial support in 2021 ($5,000 to each partner)

Jean Augustine Centre logo
Care First logo
 Black Health Alliance logo
 CNCC logo
Black Boys Code logo
TASSC logo

Giving Tuesday

Every year, our employees come together on Giving Tuesday to fundraise for an issue that matters to them. Fiix matches the funds that are raised.

  • 2018

    $715 total funds raised

    toronto general western hospital logo
  • 2019

    $8,000 total funds raised

    Environmental Defence logo
  • 2020

    $17,775 total funds raised (With special thanks to Georgian, Rob Kalwarowsky and Lauren Williams for collaborating on this fundraiser)

    CMHA logo
    Crisis Services Canada logo
    Across boundaries logo
    CAMH logo

Empowering our community through civic action

Fiix believes in the power of democracy and fully encourages active and engaged citizenship by all employees. Employees are given one day paid time off to participate in democratic demonstrations. In 2020, we had 3 employees participate.


How we offset our environmental footprint

We take responsibility for the carbon we put into the atmosphere by measuring our scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and offsetting them with a certified project.

Images of Fiixers volunteering

All organizations and industries have an environmental footprint — tech included. While offsetting is not a long-term solution, we’ll continue looking for ways to lower our impact and work toward becoming net positive.

CarbonZero logo

Total carbon emissions

Our total emissions in 2020 were 155 tCO2, a huge decrease from reduced air travel.

Carbon emissions per employee

Our emissions per person dropped to 0.83 tCO2 in 2020

Carbon emissions by source

63% of our emissions came from air travel in 2020

We measure the footprint of our server farms, air travel, energy, waste, and water. Water makes up less than 0.1% of our overall footprint and as such, has not been included here.

Waste diversion rate

*No 2020 data due to COVID-19

Waste production

*No 2020 data due to COVID-19

We’re super proud when our employees make positive changes in their lives because of our efforts at Fiix.

78% of employees state that our environmentally-friendly actions at work influence their habits at home.



How we integrate sustainability into our product offering

Millions of maintainers work every day to make our world more sustainable. And we work every day to empower them on this journey.

Images of maintenance workers on the job

Sustainability tools and research

Fiix has partnered with Dr. Taghipour and her department at Ryerson University to create tools and fund research that help our customers reduce their environmental footprint.

  • 2016

    Greenhouse gas calculator

  • 2017

    Repair or replace calculator

  • 2018

    Study: An optimization model for fleet management with economic and environmental considerations, under a cap-and-trade market (Read more)

  • 2019

    Sustainability score framework

  • 2020

    Study: Sustainable asset management: a repair-replacement decision model considering environmental impacts, maintenance quality, and risk (Read more)

Maintenance and Sustainability Framework

Maintenance is sustainability. But this impact is going unrecognized because it isn't measured. We put together this framework to start to solve this problem. It shows exactly how maintainers contribute to sustainability and empowers them to implement a triple-bottom-line approach to maintenance strategies.


Health & safety
Injuries, wellbeing, noise

Quality of workplace
Employment, management training, development

Consultation, community relations


Air quality, emissions

Asset lifespan, waste production

Consumption, costs, savings

Intensity, wastewater, usage


Capitol, repair, personnel, replacement, production

Uptime, downtime, efficiency, quality

Regulatory, procedural

The impact of maintenance on the triple bottom line

Resource consumption Emissions Pollution
Energy (10-80%) Carbon emissions (16-67%) Hazardous substances (-)
Water use (-) Other GHG emissions (30-61%) Ozone-depleting gases (-)
Material (15-25%) Wastes (-)
Noise (40-88%)
Maintenance and total operation cost Utilization
Maintenance costs (11-57%) Productivity (-)
Resources usage costs (30-37%) Availability (-)
Charges costs (safety and env.) (20%) Reliability (-)
External costs (29%) Up time (-)
Total production costs (5-45%) Down time (-)
Failure rate (40%)
Production rate (16%)

(Ghaleb and Taghipour, 2021)

More ways to explore sustainability and social impact

How We Integrated The UN SDGs Into Our Business

How we tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a medium-sized business

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What I learned from introducing corporate social responsibility into a startup

What I learned from introducing corporate social responsibility into a startup

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How maintenance fuels the triple bottom line

How maintenance fuels the triple bottom line and a circular economy

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A rare escape from COVID19

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Five ways to reduce energy use with good maintenance

Five ways to reduce energy use with good maintenance

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2016 Report

2016 Report

Read the report

2017 Report

2017 Report

Read the report

2018 Report

2018 Report

Read the report

2019 Report

2019 Report

Read the report

World Economic Forum disclosure

Another way we track our work in sustainability and social impact is through the standards of the World Economic Forum. These are a set of universal metrics and disclosures companies around the world use to measure and report their impact on society. These metrics are organized around governance, planet, people, and prosperity.

The chart below explores how Fiix has aligned itself to the standards, how we measure up against others, the impact of our efforts in each area.

Theme Governance Fiix 2020

Governing Purpose

The company’s stated purpose, as the expression of the means by which a business proposes solutions to economic, environmental and social issues. Corporate purpose should create value for all stakeholders, including shareholders.

Fiix's higher purpose is to create a more sustainable world.

Quality of governing body

Composition of the highest governance body and its committees by: competencies relating to economic, environmental and social topics;

Board member 1 – Economic

Board member 2 – Economic

Board member 3 – Economic

Board member 4 – Economic

Board member 5 – Economic

Board member 6 – Economic

Executive or non-executive;

Board member 1 – Non-executive

Board member 2 – Executive

Board member 3 – Non-executive

Board member 4 – Non-executive

Board member 5 – Non-executive

Board member 6 – Non-executive


Board member 1 – Not independent

Board member 2 – Not independent

Board member 3 – Independent

Board member 4 – Independent

Board member 5 – Not independent

Board member 6 – Independent

Tenure on the governance body;

Board member 1 – 2 years

Board member 2 – 4 years

Board member 3 – 1 year

Board member 4 – 7 years

Board member 5 – 3 years

Board member 6 – 4 years

Number of each individual’s other significant positions and commitments, and the nature of the commitments;

Board member 1 – Professional investor, sits on multiple boards

Board member 2 – CEO, dedicated board member

Board member 3 – Professional director, multiple boards

Board member 4 – Executive VP of Technology, CIBC, angel investor

Board member 5 – Professional investor, sits on multiple boards

Board member 6 – Professional director, sits on multiple boards


Board member 1 – M

Board member 2 – M

Board member 3 – M

Board member 4 – M

Board member 5 – M

Board member 6 – W

Membership of under-represented social groups;

Board member 1 – No

Board member 2 – No

Board member 3 – No

Board member 4 – No

Board member 5 – No

Board member 6 – Yes

Stakeholder representation.

Board member 1 – Investor

Board member 2 – Company

Board member 3 – Independent

Board member 4 – Independent

Board member 5 – Investor

Board member 6 – Independent

Stakeholder engagement

A list of the topics that are material to key stakeholders and the company, how the topics were identified and how the stakeholders were engaged.

Fiix surveyed customers and employees in 2016 to identify which of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals were of highest priority. Those identified include: Quality education (4), Gender equality (5), Decent work and economic growth (8), Responsible production and consumption (12), Life on land (15). In 2021, after five years of progress against these goals we will perform an additional materiality assessment by engaging with key stakeholders.

Ethical behaviour: anti corruption

Total percentage of governance body members, employees and business partners who have received training on the organization’s anti-corruption policies and procedures, broken down by region.

We do not currently undergo anti-corruption training, but will roll it out across the organization in 2021.

Total number and nature of incidents of corruption confirmed during the current year, but related to previous years.


Total number and nature of incidents of corruption confirmed during the current year, related to this year.


Discussion of initiatives and stakeholder engagement to improve the broader operating environment and culture, in order to combat corruption.

All employees will undergo anti-corruption and business ethics training on an annual basis.

Ethical behaviour: Protected ethics advice and reporting mechanisms

A description of internal and external mechanisms for: 1. Seeking advice about ethical and lawful behaviour and organizational integrity; and 2. Reporting concerns about unethical or unlawful behaviour and lack of organizational integrity.

Internally, we have a Whistleblower policy and Anti-harassment policy and anonymous forums for employees who wish to seek advice or make a complaint. Externally, we will be rolling out an anonymous feedback forum for customers to report concerns.

Risk and opportunity oversight

Company risk factor and opportunity disclosures that clearly identify the principal material risks and opportunities facing the company specifically (as opposed to generic sector risks), the company appetite in respect of these risks, how these risks and opportunities have moved over time and the response to those changes. These opportunities and risks should integrate material economic, environmental and social issues, including climate change and data stewardship.

We present a risk tracker to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. Material risks include: exchange rate, public company multiples, macroeconomic trends, customer concentration, employee turnover, geographic risk, churn, security and data privacy. We had a range in which we felt comfortable operating within and would take action once they went outside that range. These factors did not change over time and remained the same for all of 2020.

Theme Planet Fiix 2020

Climate change: Greenhouse gas emissions

For all relevant greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, F-gases etc.), report in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) GHG Protocol Scope 1

35.2 tCO2e

Scope 2 emissions

7.26 tCO2e

Scope 3 emissions

112.35 tCO2e

Total emissions

154.85 tCO2e

Climate change: TCFD implementation

Fully implement the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). If necessary, disclose a timeline of at most three years for full implementation.

We do not have TCFD aligned reporting.

Disclose whether you have set, or have committed to set, GHG emissions targets that are in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement – to limit global warming to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and pursue efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C – and to achieve net-zero emissions before 2050.

We have not yet set any GHG targets in line with the Paris Agreement. We operate as a carbon neutral company and are currently assessing how to become net positive.

Nature loss

Report the number and area (in hectares) of sites owned, leased or managed in or adjacent to protected areas and/or key biodiversity areas (KBA).


Freshwater availability

Report for operations where material: megalitres of water withdrawn, megalitres of water consumed and the percentage of each in regions with high or extremely high baseline water stress, according to WRI Aqueduct water risk atlas tool. Estimate and report the same information for the full value chain (upstream and downstream) where appropriate.

Not applicable. We consumed 598,000 litres of water at our head office.

Theme People Fiix 2020

Dignity and equality: Diversity & inclusion

Percentage of employees per employee category: gender

Men: 58%

Women: 25%

Other: 1%

Prefer not to say: 16%

Age group

24 & under: 2.7%

25-34: 57.2%

35-44: 29.9%

45-54: 8.0%

55-64: 1.6%

65 & older: 0.5%


Racialized: 25.7%

Non-racialized: 48.1%

Unsure: 5.9%

Prefer not to say: 4.8%

No answer: 15.5%


Yes: 1.1%

No: 78.1%

Unsure: 2.7%

Prefer not to say: 2.7%

No answer: 15.5%


Yes: 5.9%

No: 67.9%

Prefer not to say: 5.9%

No answer: 20.3%

Dignity and equality: Pay equality

Ratio of the basic salary and remuneration for each employee category by significant locations of operation for priority areas of equality: women to men

P1: 0.90

P2: 0.98

P3: 1.04

P4: 0.95

P5: no women comparators

M1: 0.84

M2: no women comparators

M3: 1.05

M4: no women comparators

M5: no women comparators

E: 0.57

Minor to major ethnic groups

P1: 0.96

P2: 0.89

P3: 0.95

P4: 1.03

P5: no racialized comparators

M1: 0.91

M2: 0.93

M3: 0.98

M4: 1.29

M5: no racialized comparators

E: no racialized comparators

Other relevant equality areas.

We do not track any other equality areas.

Dignity and equality: Wage level

Ratios of standard entry level wage by gender compared to local minimum wage.

M&W: 1.9:1

Ratio of the annual total compensation of the CEO to the median of the annual total compensation of all its employees, except the CEO.


Dignity and equality: Risk for incidents of child, forced or compulsory labour

An explanation of the operations and suppliers considered to have significant risk for incidents of child labour, forced or compulsory labour. Such risks could emerge in relation to: a) type of operation (such as manufacturing plant) and type of supplier; and b) countries or geographic areas with operations and suppliers considered at risk.

As a software company, we have little to no risk. Our major suppliers (45%) are made up of catering, services, office supplies, and events.

Health and well-being: Health and safety

The number and rate of fatalities as a result of work-related injury; high-consequence work-related injuries (excluding fatalities); recordable work-related injuries; main types of work-related injury; and the number of hours worked.

No injuries or fatalities.

An explanation of how the organization facilitates workers’ access to non-occupational medical and healthcare services, and the scope of access provided for employees and workers.

Employees are provided with extensive benefits, 100% covered by Fiix with an additional $300 lifestyle spending account, wellness classes, and personal days off work.

Skills for the future: Training provided

Average hours of training per person that the organization’s employees have undertaken during the reporting period, by gender

This is not something that we tracked in 2020.

Employee category (total number of hours of training provided to employees divided by the number of employees).

This is not something that we tracked in 2020.

Average training and development expenditure per full time employee (total cost of training provided to employees divided by the number of employees).


Theme Prosperity Fiix 2020

Employment and wealth generation: Absolute number and rate of employment

Total number and rate of new employee hires during the reporting period, by age group

24 & under: 3

25-34: 24

35-44: 12

45-54: 4

55-64: 0

65 & older: 1


Men: 22

Women: 10

No answer: 12


No: 31

Prefer not to say: 1

No answer: 12


Yes: 3

No: 28

Prefer not to say: 1

No answer: 12

Total number and rate of employee turnover during the reporting period, by age group

24 & under: 1

25-34: 23

35-44: 7

45-54: 1

55-64: 0

65 & older: 0


Men: 14

Women: 8

No answer: 9

Prefer not to say: 1


No: 22

Prefer not to say: 1

No answer: 9


Yes: 2

No: 16

Prefer not to say: 1

No answer: 13

Employment and wealth generation: Economic contribution

Direct economic value generated and distributed (EVG&D), on an accruals basis, covering the basic components for the organization’s global operations by Revenues

We do not disclose this information

Operating costs

We do not disclose this information

Employee wages and benefits

We do not disclose this information

Payments to providers of capital

We do not disclose this information

Payments to government

We do not disclose this information

Community investment

$97,450 CAD

Financial assistance received from the government: total monetary value of financial assistance received by the organization from any government during the reporting period.

We do not disclose this information

Employment and wealth generation: Financial investment contribution

Total capital expenditures (CapEx) minus depreciation, supported by narrative to describe the company’s investment strategy. Share buybacks plus dividend payments, supported by narrative to describe the company’s strategy for returns of capital to shareholders.

We do not disclose this information

Innovation of better products and services: Total R&D expenses

Total costs related to research and development.

We do not disclose this information

Community and social vitality: Total tax paid

The total global tax borne by the company, including corporate income taxes

We do not disclose this information

Property taxes

We do not disclose this information

Non-creditable VAT

We do not disclose this information

Other sales taxes

We do not disclose this information

Employer-paid payroll taxes

We do not disclose this information

Other taxes that constitute costs to the company, by category of taxes

We do not disclose this information

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