January 13, 2014

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QR codes management for facility management

QR codes for facility management

QR codes rapidly direct mobile devices to important information. For facility management, you should attach a QR code to your important assets to give rapid access to their maintenance page in your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). From the maintenance page, building occupants can easily request maintenance and technicians can access their maintenance orders.

Without QR codes, your building occupants and technicians do not have the ability to quickly report problems and log their maintenance work. As a facility manager, without QR codes you will continue to recieve telephone calls, emails, and sticky notes, all of which must be individually interpreted and transcibed to your maintenance system.

Furnace with QRcode for facility management

Great for technicians

QR codes are great for technicians. They can scan an assets QR code to rapidly find work that is due and any previous work orders completed on the asset.

Easy to use for facility occupants

QR codes are also excellent for the people who occupy your facility every day too. If someone sees a need for maintenance, they can scan the QR code and quickly submit their request. They also get email notification that their request is being attended to. This way, your occupants will feel like a valued and integral part of the facility maintenance team.

Brilliant for facilities managers

Imagine a scenario where all of your maintenance requests were automatically added to the same computer package from which you organise your maintenance. No more taking telephone calls, or remembering a conversation you had several hours ago with a secretary who noticed a problem. QR codes make this possible. In addition, your technicians can automatically access (and complete) their work orders, without paper printouts.

Possible QR code use cases

Water Cooler with QR code

Consider some of these use cases for QR codes in Asset, Inventory, and Facilities Management:

  • Place a QR code inside the door to every corporate tenant in your building. When your business tenant wants work done, they scan the code and fill in the details. No more telephone calls requesting maintenance.
  • Put a QR code in every washroom/bathroom of your building. Add a sign asking patrons to report any issue they find. You will be quickly alerted to any cleaning issues that need attention.
  • Place a QR code inside every one of your residential tenant houses and apartments. Tell your tenants to instantly request maintenance via the QR code.
  • Place a QR code on every HVAC unit. Technicians can then quickly see the work history for each unit.

How do I get QR codes for my facility?

Our CMMS has QR codes at its core. QR codes can be used to link to assets, work orders and spare parts. Technicians can use them to login to the CMMS, and guests can use them to request maintenance. QR codes can be read with any Apple or Android device such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung s7 etc. You can find more information about using QR codes in our blog.

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