Get Your Fiix: Maintenance news for November 2019

December 3, 2019

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Get Your Fiix: Maintenance news for November 2019

Check out the articles below for your monthly dose of interesting and informative maintenance news from around the industry.

Maintenance news from around the world

How digital ‘twins’ are guiding the future of maintenance and manufacturing (Tom Cassauwers, Horizon Magazine)

As our world becomes more digitalized and connected, it’s become possible to create a virtual copy of our surroundings. These copies are called digital twins and are being used to improve real-world maintenance and manufacturing processes, like preventing oil spills or making aircraft. Companies are using digital twins to calculate conditions, simulate their impact, and predict which areas of their facilities are at risk of damage. This article explores how these tools are being used to revolutionize maintenance and help organizations win the battle against unexpected breakdowns.

While Predictive/Preventive Maintenance Is Still King, Maintenance Personnel Are Reluctant to Use Internet-based Maintenance (Jonathan Trout, Reliable Plant)

It’s no surprise that predictive and preventive maintenance were two of the highest trending topics of 2019 in the maintenance industry. This article looks at the numbers behind the way these strategies are actually being used. From the most popular types of condition-based monitoring techniques to the way organizations are embracing technology, this piece dives deep into survey results to determine how maintenance teams are operating and where businesses might be headed in 2020.

Tame the beast: How to wrap your arms around your CMMS options (David Berger, Plant Services)

Choosing a CMMS can be overwhelming. There are so many options and, at first glance, it can be hard to know what separates all of them. However, finding the best software for your maintenance team is incredibly important as it will be a big part of your strategy for years to come. This article makes the search for a CMMS much less scary by guiding you through the process. The post defines some popular terms you might run into, outlines the major differences between vendors, highlights trends in maintenance software, and the key elements that make the perfect tool.

Maintenance news from Fiix

The uncomfortable, unpredictable, and random side of maintenance

Jason Afara came face-to-face with a lot of challenges during his time in maintenance, from sleepless nights to unrealistic expectations. We sat down with Jason, a solutions engineer at Fiix, to talk about the biggest frustrations that maintenance personnel encounter and some tips for tearing down these obstacles. The conversation covers advice on prioritizing work, improving team dynamics, and how to keep an eye on long-term success while managing projects in the here and now.

10 key users that should have access to CMMS software

Knowing who should have access to your CMMS software is a key part of making sure it runs smoothly and benefits your operation. Failing to give the right access, or giving access to too many people, can lead to everything from inaccurate data to safety lapses, overspending, and more. This article looks at who should be using a CMMS, what they can accomplish with it, and what managers can do to make sure every person on the software is as successful as possible.

20 benefits of a CMMS

A CMMS is much more than just a tool for monitoring work orders and organizing assets. The software helps businesses plan, track, and optimize everything to do with maintenance. This piece examines the five big areas where CMMS software can benefit not just the maintenance team, but the whole organization, from reducing downtime to cutting costs, improving safety, increasing efficiency, and making it easier to manage data.

Making the transition to CMMS software with Steve Ricard (PODCAST)

Making a change is never easy. You have to figure out what needs to change, the best time to switch things up, and how to ensure everyone is comfortable with a different way of working. Adopting a CMMS is no different. Fiix’s Implementation Team Manager Steve Ricard visited the Rooted in Reliability podcast to talk about the challenges, benefits, and best practices for implementing CMMS software. The episode includes tips on when to look for a CMMS, what a perfect implementation plan looks like, the best way to handle data during the transition, and best practices for managing change.

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