How to implement a CMMS" Making the move to modern CMMS software (PODCAST)

November 26, 2019

| 13 min read

Making the transition to CMMS software with Steve Ricard (PODCAST)

How to implement a CMMS, with Fiix and the Rooted in Reliability podcast

Everything about change is hard, from knowing when to make a switch to making sure everyone is comfortable with a new way of working. Adopting a CMMS, and shifting how you do maintenance, is no different. This transition can be challenging, even if it’s ultimately worth it.

Fiix’s Implementation Team Manager Steve Ricard visited the Rooted in Reliability podcast to talk about the challenges, benefits, and best practices for implementing CMMS software. Steve, and host James Kovacevic, discuss:

  • The right time to look for a CMMS
  • How to plan for a good implementation
  • Tips for dealing with data
  • How to manage change so your team is engaged, informed, and successful

Listen to the podcast episode here (also available on Accendio Reliability’s website) or read the transcript below.

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Episode transcript

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