May 8, 2020

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Are you maintaining yourself to continue to maintain assets?

Our Fiix community has expressed feelings of stress and anxiety – our own, our spouse’s, about our businesses, or the world in general.

To help us all recognize how these new stresses may be affecting our ability to show up and get things done, we invited accredited resiliency expert Theresa Bailey to share insights with us on how to manage through these new challenges.

We also invited reliability engineer, and popular podcast host, Rob Kalwarowsky to share his own experience with stress and anxiety and how he found a better way.

Gift yourself time to watch the full webinar recording. You deserve it.

Highlights from our discussion and additional resources

How are you? Is your go-to answer “I’m fine”?

We say we’re fine, even when the truth is; we’re exhausted, stressed, or even freaking out. Every time we just go through the motions, we miss out on the chance to connect with others and improve our health.

During CMHA mental health week, we wanted to #GetReal about how we really are and how our teams are feeling during this time.

Fiixer and moderator for this session, Joanne Wood, opens the discussion by highlighting that our personal and professional lives are intertwined like never before. Households are balancing increased work responsibilities with homeschooling kids and caring for elderly parents. Many in the Fiix community are struggling with staffing issues and physical distancing challenges that are hindering our ability to effectively communicate with each other.

02:30 Rob shares his perspective about some of the new challenges currently facing the maintenance and reliability community in particular. To hear more from Rob, listen to his podcast Love, Connection & Reliability.

08:10 Theresa provides an explanation of fear and the effects of prolonged stress. You can also read Theresa’s blog, Fear is normal.

TEDed: How chronic stress affects your brain

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23:70 Theresa provides a practical tool for building resiliency and Rob illustrates how to use this framework using past experiences to develop your resilience plan. Download a copy of the resiliency framework here.

39:10 Theresa provides some easy wins for changing your mood and decreasing stress.

43:45 Theresa and Rob discuss what’s important for leaders during this time. Including how to recognize when team members may need support and preventing burnout.

48:55 Fiixer Priya Khanmaini joins the panelists to demonstrate a breathing exercise used by the Navy SEALs to decrease stress. Priya’s primary role is in the Fiix sales organization but she is also a certified meditation instructor and teaches mindfulness part-time at Fiix and other SaaS tech companies.

The most important assets to maintain

In this time of COVID-19, we are all doing more with less and proactively changing at a rapid speed. We encourage you to take care of yourselves and other people around you. You and your team are the most important part of your maintenance strategy.

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