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The less time you spend creating work orders, the more time you have to do maintenance. To help you turn admin time into wrench time, we’ve created four work order templates that’ll allow you to build, complete, and track better work orders.

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How to use each work order template

Maintenance work order template

This template helps you create standardized work orders so you can easily prioritize, schedule, complete, and analyze maintenance tasks quickly.

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Maintenance work order template
Backlog prioritization template

Backlog prioritization template

Get a framework for prioritizing deferred maintenance so you can better manage how your team spends its time, budget, and resources.

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Equipment maintenance log template

Track equipment inspections and repairs so you can create asset histories, build schedules, standardize data collection, and design work order forms.

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Eqipment maintenance log template
Preventive maintenance template

Preventive maintenance checklist template

A template for building a preventive maintenance checklist so you can get work done faster, safer, and with fewer errors.

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Why use CMMS software for work order management?

CMMS software allows maintenance teams to manage thousands of maintenance work orders, assets, and parts in one place with a few clicks. Instead of spending hours of your team’s time in the office, writing work orders by hand or sorting through work order forms received overnight, a CMMS captures, triggers, and notifies them for you. The result is a few benefits for you and your team:

Automated work orders

CMMS software allows you to set up preventive maintenance tasks that trigger automatically based on time, meter readings, or asset condition. Technicians are alerted of any new work order or work request so no one has to consult spreadsheets or whiteboards to find out what inspection or repair to do next. And no request or repair falls through the cracks so your maintenance team can get work done on time, every time.

Accessible anywhere

Fiix’s CMMS includes a mobile application that allows your field technicians to enter equipment information or update work orders in real-time. This helps you eliminate duplicated data and ensures all the information you have is up-to-date and accurate.

Streamlined maintenance operations

Technicians can access asset information and training materials, review service history, complete assigned work, submit invoices, and track the status of maintenance work all in one place.

Easy access to analytics

You get access to real-time metrics such as work order response times, asset repair costs, and corrective maintenance requests. Work order data can be analyzed quickly to automatically generate reports and dashboards for informing business decisions.


Assign, prioritize, and track the status of all your maintenance work orders in a fraction of the time with Fiix.

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