MI Windows and Doors

How a window and door manufacturer reduced maintenance pains and increased window “pane” production

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The challenge

  • Lack of proactive maintenance
  • No effective system in place to track assets and maintenance activities

The solution

  • Fiix CMMS
    • Inventory management
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Data and reporting
    • Multi-site usage

The result

  • Transformed maintenance from reactive to proactive, allowing the team to address issues before they caused downtime
  • Staying ahead of potential failures, caused productivity to skyrocket
  • Inventory could be managed and tracked more efficiently
  • Having access to parts data from other MI facilities/sites allowed for faster procurement, reducing downtime

About MI Windows and Doors

A leading manufacturer with 14 facilities nationwide supplying homeowners with worry-free windows and patio doors. Their long history in the industry, exceptional craftsmanship, and unparalleled precision in all their product offerings make them a first choice for many homeowners.

But, despite their outstanding service and products, the maintenance team faced challenges due to a lack of proactive maintenance and an inefficient asset-tracking system.

The lack of proactivity and a proper tracking system made managing assets and preventing failures challenging. The company needed a more streamlined approach to maintenance to improve productivity and reduce downtime.

To overcome these challenges, MI Windows and Doors implemented Fiix CMMS.

Hear from David Brown, Inventory Control Coordinator from MI Windows and Doors

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CMMS training and implementation success

During the implementation process, Rex Dailey, Maintenance Supervisor, worked on training the maintenance team. To ensure everyone was prepared to use the CMMS, they included technicians, supervisors, and assistants in training. They educated them on using Fiix CMMS on mobile devices and tablets throughout the facility.

Defining their “why”

To make sure they were really narrowing in on eliminating their biggest challenges first, the team had to hone their “why” for using Fiix CMMS. Company-wide, they wanted to get ahead of asset failure and work on getting more preventive maintenance across their production line. For David Brown, the Inventory Control Coordinator at MI Windows and Doors, the reason for wanting to use the CMMS was slightly different. Ultimately Brown wanted better visibility into inventory and parts across the multiple MI Windows and Doors facilities.

Increasing inventory and procurement efficiency

To prevent asset failure, they started to utilize the data captured in Fiix CMMS to determine the gap between shifts and use that time to perform preventive maintenance and prevent breakdowns. In addition to preventive maintenance, David was pleased to see that the inventory could be tracked more efficiently than their previous process. He could access the parts data needed for faster procurement, significantly reducing downtime.

Reduced downtime, increased productivity, and future-ready

Implementing Fiix CMMS at MI Windows and Doors changed their maintenance operations. The company significantly reduced downtime and enhanced productivity by transitioning from a reactive to a proactive maintenance approach.

Looking ahead, MI Windows and Doors plans to continue leveraging Fiix CMMS to optimize maintenance operations further. They aim to explore additional features such as IoT integrations for more advanced predictive maintenance, ensuring they remain at the forefront of maintenance technology and efficiency.

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