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Labrie Enviroquip Group (LEG) is a top-tier manufacturer of waste disposal trucks located in Québec, Canada. They produce a wide product range including front, rear and side loading waste disposal trucks in addition to some specialty products. Labrie Group has a team of 16 people involved in maintenance activities across two sites. They adopted Fiix as their Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in October 2012. We interviewed Eric Banoub, LEG’s IT manager, almost 1 year later in August 2013 to see how things were progressing.

Selecting Fiix

Previously, LEG had a maintenance CMMS that ran on an old Windows 2000 server that needed replacing. “I began with a simple Google search to find a new solution,” explains Eric. “I take the lead on all technological products and originally I was looking for an open source solution before I came across Fiix CMMS”.

“In my previous job, I used Maximo, but it was too heavy a solution for what we need for our industry here,” recalls Eric. Correctly sizing any software solution is vital for an organization and one great aspect of Fiix is its infinite scalability, from single user one man workshops to large enterprises with thousands of assets. Users can be at multiple sites, accessing the same CMMS in one of 9 supported languages, as they prefer. After initially rolling out and adopting Fiix at one site, Labrie extended its usage to their second site. They were easily able to expand the number of users they had with Fiix, finding it to be an affordable maintenance software solution for their organization.

In my previous job, I used Maximo, but it was too heavy a solution for what we need for our industry here.

Eric Banoub, IT Manager

Labrie Enviroquip Group

Minimum fuss

“The best thing for me as an IT manager is the $40 price per user per month,” says Eric. “To have it hosted means I don’t have to have any server hardware configuration to take care of.” Fiix requires minimal IT support. The data is stored on Amazon’s EC2 server, which has a 99.5% uptime guarantee, and is automatically backed up twice daily. “It’s a self managed solution and that is great from an IT perspective”, explains Eric. Eric was also attracted to the flexibility of Fiix, “It was web based and mobile device ready, these are a few things that helped us choose this solution.”

Positive encouragement

“Implementation was pretty simple”, says Eric. “Entering assets takes time but it was really straight forward”. Implementing a CMMS takes some upfront effort to upload the data but once you get over that initial hump, the investment in time is well worthwhile. Eric is also very pleased with the Fiix service. “We got some really good service from technical support”, says Eric. “Fiix is now our main tool for managing our maintenance”. Eric has discussed Fiix with other IT directors at conferences he has attended. “They always ask the same questions:- Is it hard to implement? How expensive is it” What is the real cost? “Is it working great?” and Eric is always happy to recommend the product. “We are really satisfied with your solution, I think Fiix is a great product”, he says.

The future depends on what you do today

“Currently the scheduled maintenance and guest user requests are the must useful aspects of the program for us”, explains Eric. However, there are plenty more useful features to explore. Fiix is a full service CMMS with options for asset management, work order, programmed maintenance, and inventory management, all for $40 per month per user per year. In the very near future LEG is planning to make full use of the inventory management and purchase order module in the system.

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Just looking to kick the tires a bit?

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