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Uses airport maintenance software to manage airport baggage handler conveyor systems

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JSM & Associates specialize in the design, engineering, commissioning and maintenance of complex airport baggage handling systems. With design experience in over 200 airports throughout the world, JSM and Associates pride themselves on excellence, quality performance and the utmost in customer satisfaction. With today’s modern airports becoming progressively high tech and innovative, airport baggage handling systems are becoming more automated to improve efficiency and reduce wait times. However, more automation leads to more complexity. To deal with these requirements, the easiest and most efficient way to track your maintenance activities on complex systems is by using a CMMS. A proper maintenance management system results in fewer delays and breakdowns, a reduction in maintenance costs and contract labor hours, and extends the life expectancy of assets.

Selecting the right airport maintenance software was easy

Sue manages the software systems at JSM & Associates including Fiix. “We were using a paper-based system but it was inefficient and time consuming,” says Sue. “We discovered Fiix under unusual circumstances during a chance conversation at Orlando Airport. We were looking at a number of different options at the time but decided to go with Fiix’s airport maintenance software in the end. The application is so simple to use that we trained our technicians in-house. We are now up and running for about a year and it is going very well”. According to Sue, JSM relies exclusively on Fiix CMMS to monitor preventive maintenance schedules and track reactive equipment repairs. “It is our system of record for all maintenance related information,” says Sue. Important asset related documents such as history, schematics, manuals and warranty information are now stored in one central location. “I’d estimate a 200% improvement on our previous paper based system. Rather than trying to manage schedules sifting through paper, the CMMS automatically notifies our technicians when the preventive maintenance work is due. Productivity is way up.”

I’d estimate a 200% improvement on our previous paper based system. Productivity is way up.

Sue, Systems Manager

JSM & Associates

Prevention is better than finding a cure

“We use Fiix to manage over 500 monthly preventive maintenance actions on the baggage handler conveyor systems at a number of airports,” says Sue. Baggage systems need to run smoothly so customers are not stranded without their luggage. Effective airport maintenance software is crucial to reducing emergency maintenance and parts replacement costs while extending the lifetime of assets. “We must be PM compliant to satisfy the airport authorities strict guidelines” says Sue. “We have easy access to all our maintenance records when we are due an audit”. Regular lubrications, inspections and services are performed when triggered by the CMMS as per the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Fiix has PM compliance reports that can be generated and sent automatically from the CMMS to airport authorities at set intervals.

Maintenance technicians log into the system daily and complete maintenance tasks in order of importance. It is the easiest and most efficient way to track and complete your PM task lists. And the more you use it, the more data you build up in the CMMS over time. This information can then be used to optimize maintenance schedules, limit the number of spare parts needed on-site, and plan for repairs before they happen. Maintenance technicians can quickly check equipment records when investigating similar or related technical issues. Sue expects the CMMS to grow as they expand to new airports over the coming years. New users can get up to speed on the CMMS quickly and effortlessly using the inline training videos.

Time is always a luxury

“The best thing about Fiix’s airport maintenance software is its simplicity and ease of use. Our guys are always busy so they need to be able process work orders quickly and keep going to the next job.” As for Fiix tech support, “they are just awesome…. they always get back to me quickly and help me understand what is going on” says Sue. “This year, we plan to use the parts inventory module more.” Inventory information such as quantity available and location is accessible with the click of a mouse. By refining the parts management process, logistics managers can strike a balance between carrying too much or too little of any particular part, thus eliminating stock outs while minimizing the carrying costs associated with storing excess inventory. The new purchase order module will give greater control when reordering parts from the same vendors. “We are also going to start using tablets so our technicians can use the mobile app.” They can update work orders as they complete them in the field.

Success breeds success

Sue has demonstrated how Fiix can be implemented as an airport maintenance software solution to quickly manage preventive maintenance thus reducing the probability of equipment failure. JSM and airport authorities now have visibility on key metrics such as PM compliance as they continue to grow the usage of the CMMS. Fiix is a proven valuable tool to help manage your maintenance activates and move closer to reliability excellence. It also gives users a clearer understanding of the true costs associated with breakdown repairs versus the costs of preventative maintenance.

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