New partnership between Fiix and Weever helps businesses connect to Industry 4.0 tech without the heavy lifting

October 6, 2020

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New collaboration between Fiix and Weever connects businesses to Industry 4.0 technology without the heavy lifting

Toronto, Canada—October 6, 2020— A new partnership announced today between Fiix Inc. and Weever makes it easier than ever for companies to embrace the power of Industry 4.0 technology to connect maintenance and operations, streamline processes, and use real-time data to bolster the health and performance of both assets and staff.

“Maintenance teams capture huge amounts of data with Industry 4.0 technologies, but often lack the tools to turn it into meaningful insight and action. We’re helping solve this problem by teaming up with world-class partners like Weever to create a completely open IIoT ecosystem that allows companies to take a leap forward without suffering through months or years of complex and expensive digital transformation projects. It gives businesses the ability to extend the power of their CMMS and use data to organize, optimize, and scale every site, team, system, and task from one platform,” says James Novak, CEO of Fiix.

Connecting Fiix’s industry-leading maintenance management platform with Weever’s cloud-based form application system will allow companies to replace paper-based safety and quality control inspections with digital workflows to automate maintenance tasks and ensure accurate compliance records. Businesses will be able to efficiently and intuitively collect data from the shop floor pertaining to continuous improvement, waste reduction, product quality, and safety. The maintenance team will then be able to review this data in Fiix and use it to proactively manage preventive and predictive maintenance programs. Syncing information between the two systems will automatically create follow-up work orders in Fiix, instantly alerting the maintenance team to possible safety risks and equipment flaws.

“Fiix is an extremely comprehensive maintenance solution that compliments Weever perfectly. Our customers use Weever to manage operational excellence and employee engagement and use Fiix to optimize preventive maintenance. It’s a great fit,” says Steve McBride, CEO of Weever.

“This partnership allows companies to operate with the confidence that no inspections are falling through the cracks and that their teams are safe and compliant. It fully connects the maintenance team to what is happening on the shop floor or in the field so they can prepare for audits and contribute to higher productivity and throughput without having to spend hours combing through records or writing and reviewing paperwork,” says Novak.

By joining forces with Weever, Fiix expands its constantly growing IIoT partnership ecosystem that allows maintenance teams to connect with solutions spanning from ERPs and other business systems to production software, data historians, sensors, fleet telemetrics platforms, and more. Through these partnerships and easy-to-use artificial intelligence tools, Fiix is transforming the maintenance industry by giving companies greater access to information and the connectivity to use it to amplify their potential.

About Weever

Weever is an operational excellence platform that empowers employees to pursue perfection towards zero waste, zero quality defects and zero safety incidents. Weever ensures success for customers by enabling staff to meaningfully participate in operational excellence programs, empowering staff to increase ownership over the success of themselves, their team and the organization, and by energizing employees with intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

Weever works predominantly with CPG manufacturing organizations, such as Unilever, Mars Wrigley, and others, to continuously improve operational performance through greater project visibility, seamless and intuitive data capture, and insight-driven reporting. Learn more at

About Fiix

Fiix is the maintenance management platform that combines mobile asset management, work order, and parts management and supercharges it with the most open integration network and AI-driven insights. With Fiix, you can connect shop floor IoT solutions, parts suppliers, contractors, and corporate IT systems quickly and easily to improve the way physical assets and people interact and drive better business outcomes.

There are over 2600 maintenance teams in 90+ countries using Fiix to improve communication, asset health, and even sustainability. Learn more at

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