September 9, 2020

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Fiix and MachineMax team up to connect heavy equipment telematics and maintenance

Toronto, Canada—September 9, 2020— Fiix and MachineMax have announced a new partnership that sees the two software providers teaming up to integrate data from onboard telematics with CMMS software. The integration between MachineMax— an equipment management platform for heavy equipment users— and Fiix— the leading maintenance management platform—enables decisions to be made in real-time, using the most up to date and accurate data. These data-driven decisions will improve machine reliability while decreasing maintenance expenditure.

“This partnership between MachineMax and Fiix is great. The two products are very complementary with one main objective— to increase asset productivity and decrease operating costs by making data-driven decisions,” says Roberto Carton, Head of Sales, MachineMax.

The joint offering helps customers digitalize their fleets and the respective maintenance processes, eliminating paper-based tasks and manual data inputs. Making data-based decisions on maintenance minimizes the risk of over or under maintaining equipment, improving scheduling accuracy, and saving thousands of dollars in breakdowns as a result of incorrect maintenance. This automated process is scalable, ensures real-time insights, eliminates human error, reduces admin time and costs.

“We’re excited to partner with MachineMax to close the loop between fleet telematics and maintenance for heavy equipment. By tapping into advanced Industry 4.0 capabilities, teams will be able to capture quality data, put best practices into place, improve asset performance and save money,” says James Novak, CEO of Fiix.

The collaboration with MachineMax is the latest in Fiix’s rapidly growing IIoT partnership ecosystem that is connecting maintenance teams with the people, systems, and data they need to expand their impact. Learn more, at

About Fiix

Fiix is the maintenance management platform that combines mobile asset management, work order, and parts management and supercharges it with the most open integration network and AI-driven insights. With Fiix, you can connect shop floor IoT solutions, parts suppliers, contractors, and corporate IT systems quickly and easily to improve the way physical assets and people interact and drive better business outcomes.

There are over 2600 maintenance teams in 90+ countries using Fiix to improve communication, asset health, and even sustainability. Learn more at

MachineMax Overview

MachineMax provides an equipment management platform for heavy equipment users and owners to maximise the productivity and profitability of every machine in the greenest way possible… any make, any model, anywhere!

MachineMax came to life when Royal Dutch Shell & Boston Consulting Group’s Digital Ventures joined forces to revolutionise the heavy equipment industry. After extensive research, the complexities of tracking mixed fleets, with varying levels of machine connectivity became apparent and so MachineMax developed a product which solves these challenges head-on. That was the start of our journey and since then we have deployed across the globe with exceptional results and picked up several industry and technology accolades along the way.

The MachineMax full-stack offering includes a cloud-based aggregation layer which normalises and aggregates incoming equipment data, irrespective of the telematics provider. If equipment is not connected, we can provide our revolutionary self-powered, wireless sensor. Cloud computing is then used to deliver real-time data and analysis, displayed in an intuitive platform which is accessible to all stakeholders, allowing users to optimise their fleet operations real-time.

Our mission is to track all equipment, allowing our customers to manage their entire fleet from one place, providing visibility and allowing them to make decisions which result in improved revenue and capital discipline, decreased operating costs and a better carbon footprint.

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