What is work order scheduling software?

Work order scheduling software is a stand-alone solution for creating, managing, and scheduling work orders. It's also commonly referred to as work order software or job scheduling software.

This software ensures maintenance departments can assign work efficiently so it can be completed in a timely manner. Work order software also allows facilities managers to manage and schedule all work order requests through a single-view dashboard. Some vendors also offer a mobile solution through an app, making it easier for a technician to view a work order status, document work correctly in real-time, and make informed decisions on the spot.

Work order scheduling software is sometimes integrated with other software solutions, such as a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). Integrations between CMMS software and work order scheduling software provide a way to take the data from the scheduled work requests and use it to improve your maintenance program.

Work orders can be scheduled by a maintenance manager in the software as problems arise. A maintenance task can also be added and scheduled according to the needs of different maintenance strategies. For example, if an asset suddenly needs to be repaired, you could create an individual work order in the software to deal with the repair. For that same asset, you could also have a scheduled maintenance task that generates work orders weekly for regular maintenance or inspections. This allows the maintenance team to take a step back from reactive maintenance.

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What are the benefits of using work order scheduling software?

Work order scheduling software has revolutionized how maintenance technicians do their jobs. It enables teams to move away from dated forms of scheduling work requests, like pen and paper, whiteboards, and Excel spreadsheets. By adopting software that digitizes the work order scheduling, maintenance teams can experience the multitude of benefits that comes with using this software, including:

  • Standardize maintenance process: Work order scheduling software gives you the ability to build workflows and reporting templates to make asset management tasks easier and quicker. It also makes resources available digitally, so everyone can access the same information needed to get the job done as quickly as possible.
  • Improved communication: Work order scheduling software lets you know when work requests have been assigned. In more sophisticated versions of the software, machine operators can be notified when assets are back online, so they can get back to work without delays.
  • Automating work request: Work order scheduling software automates the work request and work order creation process by removing unnecessary steps. Employees can log work requests, configure preventive maintenance triggers, or connect to sensors that generate work orders depending on an asset's real-time condition. This way, there is no time lost interpreting work orders, looking for operators, or searching through a file cabinet.
  • Collect work order data: The software provides real-time work order updates, like the priority status, which technician it has been assigned to, and how long it’s taking, so you can allocate additional resources if needed.
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