Meter based maintenance

Meter-based maintenance

Meter-based maintenance is maintenance performed as a result of a meter reading trigger. The meter might measure, for example, the number of hours the equipment has been in use, the kilometers it has been driven, the number of parts that have been produced, or an operating condition such as pressure or flow rate.

Meter-based maintenance is planned maintenance. This means that it can be used with both preventive-maintenance and predictive maintenance strategies.

Meter-based maintenance is slightly more complex than time-based maintenance because it requires an action (a meter to be read and interpreted) before the maintenance can be triggered.

Meter based maintenance is performed when a meter reading indicates that the piece of equipment should be serviced. Consequently, it is important that the meter is read regularly so that maintenance, when it is due, is not delayed. The meter reading should be based on a time-based trigger. When the trigger is reached, the maintenance is scheduled.

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