Preventive Maintenance Software

An easier way to manage preventive maintenance

Keep your assets in good order to prevent costly, unplanned downtime caused by unexpected equipment failure. Fiix’s cloud-based CMMS is here to put an end to your maintenance headaches and empower your team.

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Over 4,000 teams in 100+ countries are using Fiix to digitize, optimize, and scale maintenance

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Create, complete, and record work orders

Take care of your to-do list without limitations.

Create preventive maintenance work orders with a few taps

Put an end to time-consuming, unclear, and ineffective work orders so you can get the job done faster and keep assets running at their best.

Simplify your preventive maintenance work request process

Users and guests can submit unlimited work requests through the work request portal and easily search, sort, and track them. Design your own work request forms and prioritize requests.

Schedule preventive maintenance like clockwork

Schedule preventive maintenance using date, time, meter, event or condition-based triggers. Simplify schedules with nested PMs and multi-asset work orders.

Complete tasks flawlessly

Attach SOPs, task lists, photos, and a list of suggested parts to work orders so technicians can quickly access everything they need to get through their to-do list. Set up common failure codes to eliminate trial and error from troubleshooting.

Track and get reports on all your preventive maintenance

See all your work orders and everything about them in a couple of clicks, including completion rates, repair dates, total costs, follow-up tasks to failed inspections, and more.

Use AI technology to find problematic work orders

Analyze the performance of your preventive maintenance work orders within seconds. Easily spot which ones are causing equipment failure, work delays, and compliance issues using our work order insights feature, Fiix Foresight.

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Track and optimize asset performance

Collect all your asset information in one place and use it to keep equipment available, safe, and productive.

Map all your assets

Create asset hierarchies and pull up equipment details in seconds with the search tool or QR code scanning.

Match the right schedule and tasks to the right machine

Get a complete view of your assets, including status, repair history, SOPs, failure codes, and more. Use this information to create preventive maintenance schedules and tasks that help assets run the way you need them to.

Measure equipment usage and performance

Track equipment usage and trigger work with up-to-the-minute meter readings. View asset KPIs, create custom codes for downtime events, and assign staff to specific machines or tasks.

Calculate costs for all your assets

See all your maintenance costs for a single machine, a group of assets, or all your equipment, including expenses for parts, labor, and more. Make repair or replace decisions in a snap.

Purchase, organize, and use inventory more effectively

With your inventory always up-to-date, you’re able to get the right parts, at the right time, and for the right price.

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Streamline the way you order supplies

Get alerts when parts run low, and easily submit, approve, and send purchase orders by email. Put all purchase and vendor details in a central database. Set up first-in, first-out parts usage.

Easily locate parts at any given time

Perform cycle counts, log and view stock levels across multiple facilities, and see the bill of materials needed to complete a task and where to find each part.

Know the past, present, and future of every part

Search for parts, calculate the cost of parts for each work order or asset, and build automated reports to get inventory data sent straight to your inbox on a regular basis.

Predict the parts you’ll need for upcoming work

Fiix Foresight’s parts forecaster analyzes historical data to tell you when, what, and how many parts to order so you can reduce stockouts and unnecessary money sitting on storeroom shelves.

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Collect, analyze, and act on preventive maintenance data

Collect preventive maintenance data on demand and use it to avoid guesswork and hunches.

Build dashboards with a complete view of preventive maintenance

View the KPIs you want, the way you want them, and in real-time with a customizable dashboard. Compare metrics across sites and filter by project, asset, time, user, and more.

Create preventive maintenance logs that make audits a breeze

The audit log captures and tracks all updates and activities in the CMMS preventive maintenance software. Show auditors what maintenance was performed, who performed it, and when.

Generate reports that deliver insights in seconds

Choose from over 100 templates or build custom reports to find out everything about your preventive maintenance operation. Get reports sent to your inbox and share them across your company.

Integrate your CMMS preventive maintenance software with any business system

Connect preventive maintenance to the rest of your operation by plugging Fiix into any system without needing to code anything yourself.

Share information with any ERP software

Automatically share information about inventory purchasing and usage between your ERP and CMMS preventive maintenance software so you can maintain accurate balance sheets, make informed capital expenditure decisions, and more.

Grab data from any production system

Collect real-time data from your production systems and funnel it into your CMMS preventive maintenance software so you can track asset performance, see the condition of equipment, and trigger preventive maintenance from one place.

Do integrations your way

Create custom integrations, test them out, and connect your CMMS to any software or hardware your business uses with our open API. Trigger maintenance and track financial information effortlessly.

Fiix customers manage over 6.2 million work orders and 3.5 million PMs every year

Explore the benefits to using Fiix
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Manage preventive maintenance from anywhere, at any time

Get everything you need to create, complete, and track work in the palm of your hand with Fiix’s mobile CMMS.

Get organized fast

Take work requests from creation to completion using your mobile device. Submit a request, log work, record parts usage, attach photos, get push notifications when work is assigned to you, and more.

Work remotely, whether you’re online or offline

Access preventive maintenance work orders and asset details on your mobile device, and log work to your CMMS software even if you can’t connect to the internet. Updates automatically sync as soon as you’re back online.

Complete preventive work while maximizing time

Scan QR codes to pull up preventive maintenance work orders, record notes using speech-to-text, and view checklists and manuals from your mobile device, so you can act fast when you need to.

Explore our full maintenance solution

Fiix work order management
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Fiix reporting
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Work order management

Create, complete, and track your work orders in a few clicks so you can build schedules, pass audits, analyze failure, and more with less effort. Learn more

Asset management

See and manage all equipment information in one place— from repair history and cost, to hierarchy, parts consumption, and more.Learn more

Parts and supplies

Purchase, organize, and use your inventory more efficiently so you can get the right parts, at the right time, and for the right price.Learn more


Connect, collect and share maintenance data, and trigger work across any production or enterprise system. Learn more

Reporting and analytics

Collect, analyze, and act on maintenance data with a central dashboard, in-depth reports, audit tools, and more. Learn more

AI for maintenance

Analyze your data, find trends, and act on them fastLearn more

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