What does successful CMMS implementation look like?

December 11, 2018

| 19 min read

Successful CMMS implementation with Jeff O’Brien (PODCAST)

CMMS implementation can be a scary subject for some. After all, no one wants to consider that CMMS adoption could fail at their organization. Jeff O’Brien has been helping maintenance teams successfully roll out Fiix at their facilities for almost 10 years, and he recently stopped by the Rooted in Reliability podcast to talk to host James Kovacevic about all things implementation-related.

In the episode, they define what exactly implementation success looks like, the five steps to ensuring a smooth implementation, why good-quality data is one of the most important aspects of setting up a CMMS solution, who in an organization should be involved in the implementation process, and which milestones you should be hitting in your implementation journey.

Listen to the podcast episode here (also available on Accendio Reliability’s website and PodBean) or read the transcript below. Be sure to stay tuned for more appearances from Fiix experts in the future.

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Episode transcript

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