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May 24, 2018

| 1 min read

The case for mobile maintenance: Fiix stops by the Asset Reliability @ Work podcast

What are the biggest benefits of enabling mobility for maintenance teams? Our Senior Customer Success Manager, Scott Deckers, stopped by the Asset Reliability @ Work podcast by Life Cycle Engineering to talk about why every team should be thinking about mobile maintenance.

“When you’re in plants and on the shop floors and see how they operate, mobility is key to that,” clarified Scott for the LCE podcast hosts. “The app itself [allows you to] leverage things on the phone, like dictating your work orders using your phone’s microphone, or taking pictures of a QR code to get asset data.”

The discussion also addressed the myth that a CMMS is a huge investment, the security of cloud-based CMMS solutions, how a CMMS can help with compliance, and how Fiix is helping to create a more sustainable world.

Listen to the podcast episode here or download the MP3.

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