The ins and outs of CMMS Integrations

January 16, 2020

| 26 min read

Best practices for CMMS integrations with Stuart Fergusson (PODCAST)

The ins and outs of CMMS integrations, with Fiix and the Rob’s Reliability Project podcast

Having the right software isn’t enough for businesses to survive (let alone thrive) in today’s world. All those different systems need to swap information, work as a team, and provide you with the data to make better decisions. For that to happen, they need to be integrated. Of course, this is often easier said than done. Stuart Fergusson, Fiix’s Senior Manager of Sales Engineering, visited the Rob’s Reliability Project podcast to demystify CMMS integrations. Stuart and host Rob Kalwarowsky discuss:

  • What CMMS integrations are and how they work
  • Building a business case and execution strategy for CMMS integrations
  • The best way to manage data, measure results, and achieve wins
  • What the future holds for maintenance software and technology

Listen to the podcast episode below (also available on Google podcasts or Apple podcasts) or read the transcript below.

Episode Transcript

View the episode transcript

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