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Using data transmitted from your telematics device, Optimum VRx predictive engine analyzes thousands of proprietary key performance indicators (KPIs), which help detect unforeseen issues, diagnose the cause, predict relative time to failure, and prescribe a detailed resolution plan up to four weeks in advance. Maintenance managers can proactively monitor the ongoing health of all assets in real-time. This allows your organization the ability to prioritize maintenance resources and intervene before the asset is inoperable.

VRx is a map-based solution providing an at-a-glance health status for your entire fleet in real-time. The system predicts emerging issues for all major vehicle components including engine, exhaust, electrical, brakes, coolant, fuel, and transmission. VRx provides a how-to-fix solution for each maintenance issue, reducing diagnostics time by as much as 85%.

The system is completely visual. It provides a summary-level view of your fleet health via a comprehensive dashboard, including timelines for historical maintenance analysis, a fleet readiness status, and comprehensive up-to-the-minute, time-stamped reports detailing each vehicle. Alerts are automatically sent to authorized personnel via email or text. All reports can be viewed online, by email, or through web browsers. VRx can be used independently or can be easily integrated into your current work order management system. The system is visually appealing and extremely user-friendly.

VRx is your way to optimized fleet health. Sign up today and receive your real-time fleet-wide health assessment which will show you the value that optimum VRx solution will bring to your business