August 19, 2014

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Press Release: Introducing MA Connect™

Toronto, Ontario – August 19, 2014 – Maintenance Assistant announces the commercial release of MA ConnectTM, the latest major milestone in its category-defining, cloud based maintenance platform. “After considerable effort, we’re excited to launch our API, MA ConnectTM,” said Marc Castel, CEO. “The world is becoming more connected and our customers and partners require solutions that address the shortcomings of their disconnected and outdated legacy computerized maintenance management software (CMMS).” MA ConnectTM gives organizations the ability to connect their MA CMMS™ application to any hardware device or software application through the cloud. “We’re embracing a future where hardware and software systems interact with each other in a whole new and automated way”, said Daryl Sedgman, President.

“We’ve been working closely with our beta customers and partners to develop our MA ConnectTM API and have created an elegant solution to integrate our CMMS into existing corporate infrastructure, unlocking its true power.”   In addition, with the release of MA Connect™, developers or even start-ups will be able to quickly and cost effectively build their own CMMS on top of our platform to address new markets. “You’ve got to eat your own dog food”, said Bob Kandic, Chief Software Architect, “so we decided to put our API to the test by developing an entirely new mobile CMMS app for Android and iOS, exclusively using our MA ConnectTM API platform. We were able to build the app in record time and released it earlier this month.”

For SAAS Customers

Customers subscribed to the MA CMMS™ Enterprise service tier will now have access to the MA Connect™ API, allowing them to take their MA CMMS™ experience to a whole new level through a deeper integration with their company’s infrastructure. “It will help them get a better grip on maintenance related costs by allowing them to connect their CMMS to things like their accounting or ERP system, to push or pull financial information from work orders or parts procurement”, said Kandic. “Our API could also be used to send machine data, such as meter readings or alarm events, directly to their CMMS, creating a fully automated environment for maintenance professionals. By connecting assets to their CMMS, our customers could gather real-time information about their equipment and build their own actionable end points for that data. That could include simple things like automatically triggering maintenance and sending notifications to enhance productivity, safety and compliance – or more complex data analytics to close the loop with real-time process optimization or predictive maintenance. Customers could even create their own custom user interfaces to reduce complexity and drive adoption across very different user groups, from customers, to technicians, to management.”

For Platform Partners and Developers

As part of Maintenance Assistant’s highly scalable cloud CMMS platform, MA ConnectTM gives our partners the ability to build and deploy connected enterprise cloud and mobile CMMS products for their customers. “We architected our API with accessibility and security at the forefront, leveraged by several first class client Software Developer’s Kits (SDKs) , so developers have a familiar environment to build their own innovative CMMS products sitting on our robust CMMS platform” said Daryl Sedgman.“Developers can sign up for a sandbox account and build their own maintenance applications on the Maintenance Assistant platform. Our goal is to leverage our API to build an entirely new maintenance developer ecosystem using the latest Internet technologies. In a world where maintenance touches all industries, the opportunities to build business solutions on our platform are endless.”

“Maintenance Assistant continues to build innovative cloud solutions that eliminate the need for complex legacy software deployments,” said James Novak, Executive Vice President. “Our multi-tenant, cloud-based architecture enables Maintenance Assistant to be a technology enablement platform for our customers and partners.  MA ConnectTM is game changing, facilitating real-time transfer of data between our maintenance platform and other software applications or Internet connected devices. Maintenance Assistant is positioning itself as the maintenance platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).  As an example, we provide OEM’s and partners with tools to quickly build turnkey asset management solutions connected to the equipment they sell to their customers.  Coupled with our in-app marketplace, OEMs can now effectively manage equipment warranties or participate in the on-going maintenance-related services and parts revenues over the entire lifetime of the products they sell. Their customers, in turn, get a fully provisioned and functional CMMS connected to their assets and infrastructure right out-of-the-box saving months of set-up time.”

About Maintenance Assistant CMMS

Maintenance Assistant is one of the fastest growing Enterprise Asset Management and CMMS cloud solution providers. Our products are used by thousands of asset-intensive businesses around the world to transform their maintenance operations, eliminate waste and costly downtime, and manage risk.

Our robust technology platform enables our partners to build innovative cloud and mobile CMMS solutions for their customers, and participate in the on-going maintenance-related revenues associated with the products and equipment they sell.

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