June 11, 2013

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Maintenance Software Provider Maintenance Assistant Launches The Multi-Asset Work Orders

TORONTO, June 10, 2013 – Maintenance Assistant Inc., a leading Enterprise Asset Management solutions provider, announces the release of their latest major module; the Multi-Asset Work Order, which further enhances Maintenance Assistant’s position as an industry leader.

The Multi-Asset Work Order or “Rounds” feature provides the ability to add multiple assets and tasks to a single work order without the need to create a work order hierarchy. This is ideally suited to organizations that wish to perform multi-asset inspections such as: Smoke detector, exit sign, emergency lighting and fire extinguisher inspection rounds; Health and safety workplace inspections; Environmental monitoring routes; Washroom inspections or hotel room maintenance; Regular facility security inspection routes; Lubrication rounds; Routine equipment start-up inspections; Machine and meter readings; or any regular inspection rounds. “We’re very excited to release this feature which is at the core of our 2013 product innovation roadmap. Despite its huge utility, the multi-asset work order is one feature other CMMS solutions have stayed away from due to its complexity in design, development and testing” said Daryl Sedgman, Product Manager. “This feature was our biggest development challenge yet.” said Bob Kandic, Senior Product Architect. “We needed to turn complex software architecture into a flexible and time-saving tool, and I believe we’ve done just that. It’s a game-changer, opening up many new markets like fire inspection and safety market” said Marc Castel C.E.O.

Whether technicians are preforming a routine inspection, or more complex checks, the Multi-Asset Work Order is designed to allow users to quickly log their tasks against multiple assets or facilities as they go. The Multi-Asset Work Order also drastically reduces the number of work orders that maintenance managers need to process while still capturing all the details. This reduces work order clutter providing a much better overview of what was done and what was missed. When coupled with a mobile application, like Maintenance Assistant’s FieldMate™, the Multi-Asset Work Order allows the user to complete and log the tasks in real-time in the field with minimal effort. By mapping out and organizing tasks in the most efficient order or route, the maintenance manager can reduce the time needed to complete and log all the activities on any given inspection or maintenance round thereby increasing worker productivity.

Maintenance Assistant has paved the way for a whole new set of customers to easily and affordably get the benefits of a computerized maintenance management software system and improve their Safety, Health, and Environmental legislation compliance (SHE) with a full audit log. Operations that have been stuck in paper and excel-based systems and haven’t had an opportunity to move to a proper CMMS will be able to easily modernize their maintenance management practicers using our MA CMMS™ application. This new Multi-Asset Work Orders, also known as “Rounds”, feature is offered by Maintenance Assistant at no additional cost and can be turned on or off as needed for users on the appropriate pricing plan.

About Maintenance Assistant

Maintenance Assistant is a global enterprise SaaS company specializing in providing web-solutions to manage the maintenance activities of SMEs. We help companies drive down the cost of maintenance, improve asset utilization, work smarter and save money by helping to increase asset life, prevent equipment failure, track maintenance costs, improve productivity, reduce equipment downtime, and lower the total cost of ownership of equipment, while improving legal and regulatory compliance and capturing and retaining vital maintenance knowledge.

“Technicians actually like using our system, which drives utilization and reduces time-to-value. In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of maintenance activities, better data capture protects a company from knowledge loss as workers retire or switch jobs. said Marc Castel, CEO. “In addition to the 60,000 organizations that are on the hunt to replace their maintenance software every year, there are hundreds of thousands of others who have been excluded entirely, because of cost and complexity. These organizations can now realize the enormous benefits of a CMMS because of Maintenance Assistant CMMS”.

Since our launch in 2006, Maintenance Assistant has had over 25,000 CMMS installations in over 150 countries and in more than 30 languages. We are one of the fastest growing Maintenance Software solutions, providing a modern CMMS / EAM experience to clients around the world.

We believe we make a great SaaS CMMS. We believe ours ticks all of the boxes for functionality, architecture, usability, reputation and cost. You can give our software a trial run or subscribe to begin using it now

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