July 9, 2013

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Maintenance software (CMMS) provider, Maintenance Assistant Inc., announces record growth in customer acquisition in Q2 2013 and unveils new core features to its SaaS offering.

Toronto, Ontario – June 9, 2013 – Maintenance Assistant Inc., a leading CMMS provider, today announced strong business results and another record quarter (Q2 2013) during which global sales increased by over 200% compared to the same period last year.

Maintenance Assistant added a record number of new customers in 14 industries spanning healthcare, manufacturing, education, facilities management and local government; solidifying its position as one of the industry’s fastest growing and most innovative CMMS software providers. “Our record growth was driven by a combination of new features, strong partnerships, international growth and our continued commitment to customer success,” said Marc Castel, CEO. “Organizations from every industry continue to switch to Maintenance Assistant CMMS to effectively manage their maintenance operations.” Some notable new customers include Anaren Microwave, Eclipse Mold, Amcor Packaging, Stena Technoworld, Gentech Scientific and Agru America. “We also signed a record number of partners and resellers in 19 different countries throughout the world including Saudia Arabia, India, Australia, Ireland and the UK” said Corbin Church, VP of Business Development.

New Features

In Q2, Maintenance Assistant released some important features that continue to improve the usability and utility of its work order management system. “Thanks to our rapid and agile development methodology we continued to improve our product offering during the Quarter, adding key features like Multi Asset Work Order capability while continuously improving our user experience with many product enhancements” said Bob Kandic, chief software architect. The Multi-Asset Work Order feature provides the ability to add multiple assets and tasks to a single work order without the need to create a work order hierarchy. This is ideally suited to organizations that wish to perform routine maintenance rounds such as inspections, lubrications, or calibrations on multiple assets. The Multi-Asset Work Order, absent in many other maintenance software systems, dramatically reduces the number of work orders that maintenance managers need to process while still capturing all relevant details. “We added a number of new languages including Korean, Mandarin, German, Turkish and Portuguese to further internationalize the CMMS. Our CMMS can be configured so different users throughout an organization have different default languages based on their location or language preference”, said Jeff O’Brien, Director of Customer Success. In addition, Maintenance Assistant also introduced workflow enhancements such as single sign-on, remember me for login, miscellaneous costing on the work order record, meter readings at task level, task import tool, data exporter to excel and advanced forecasting reports.

Q3 Outlook

Maintenance Assistant anticipates growth to remain strong in the second half of 2013 with the release of its new purchase order module in August 2013, an improving global economy, tougher regulatory pressure and increasing attention on ailing infrastructure throughout North America.

About MA CMMS software:

Maintenance Assistant helps companies drive down the cost of maintenance, work smarter and save money by helping to increase asset life, prevent equipment failure, track maintenance costs, improve productivity, reduce equipment downtime, and lower the total cost of ownership of equipment, while at the same time improving legal, regulatory and audit compliance. “Our mission is to be the global CMMS of choice by focusing on product excellence, an outstanding customer experience and an easy-to-understand low monthly price” said Marc Castel, CEO. “With feedback and input from thousands of customers around the world we have been able to build an award-winning computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) service that has the features people actually want and use and not the ones that make it more complicated than it needs to be” said Bob Kandic, Senior Product Architect.

About Maintenance Assistant:

Since its launch in 2006, Maintenance Assistant CMMS has been deployed in over 150 countries and in more than 30 languages. We are one of the fastest growing Maintenance Software solutions, providing a modern CMMS / EAM experience to customers around the world. For more information please contact: info [at] maintenanceassistant [dot] com

Corporate Office: Toronto Ontario Canada

We believe we make a great SaaS CMMS. We believe ours ticks all of the boxes for functionality, architecture, usability, reputation and cost. You can give our software a trial run or subscribe to begin using it now.


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