February 20, 2014

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Maintenance Assistant Announce a Record Year for Growth and Innovation in 2013

Toronto, Ontario – February 20, 2014 – Maintenance Assistant Inc., a global leader in cloud CMMS solutions, closed off 2013 with another record year of customer growth, up 180% from 2012. “Our solid performance and continuing momentum through 2013 is largely the result of listening closely to our thousands of customers and then anticipating their needs rather than playing catch-up” said Marc Castel, CEO. “This past year the company invested heavily in its technology and began launching a suite of API’s which allows its flagship product, MA CMMS to connect organizations, optimize maintenance practices in real-time and provide clients with deeper insights into their operations through its multi-tenant enterprise 2.0 platform. We have strategically evolved from being just a maintenance software provider to a Technology Solutions Partner offering a robust Platform as a Service (PAAS) CMMS for OEMs and mid-tier and global corporations.”

One of the company’s key milestones included the release of MA Source™, an on-line in-app marketplace where maintenance managers can source, compare prices, check availability, or get product reviews on over a million parts and supplies from MRO vendors. This was complemented by the release of a completely flexible purchasing module. Using its embedded state engine, the purchasing workflow can be customized to match the real flow of consumable and maintenance parts through an organization directly from the maintenance software – from parts discovery, to submitting RFQs, POs and the receipt of inventory.

Late in the year, the Company released MA Monitoring™ for Building Automation Systems (BAS) via the oBIX standard. This module extends building equipment & control monitoring systems by providing real-time work order and notification creation from meters, triggers, alerts, alarms and state data – opening up a vast market looking for actionable endpoints for real-time sensor data. MA Monitoring represents the first step in the Company’s “Internet of Things” strategy – a global network of interconnected, intelligent machines.

Finally the company released its OEM solution giving organizations their own out-of-the-box, fully branded maintenance platform for re-distribution to their customers. Through a single multi-tenant CMMS, OEM’s can measure the performance of their installed equipment while having control over recommended preventive maintenance plans, OEM-sourced spares and even schedule direct-from-provider services.

“We’ve harnessed the best modern cloud architectures to build compelling products with contemporary designs and cutting-edge technology”, said Bob Kandic, Chief Software Architect. “The net result is a faster and more efficient workflow coupled with a better user experience.” MA CMMS™ continues to help companies get organized and save money using technology to drive best practices in maintenance and deliver greater reliability and more efficient use of critical resources. “We continue to push boundaries and disrupt legacy systems by building exciting next-gen products”, said Daryl Sedgman, President. “In doing so, MA CMMS more than doubled its customer base in 2013, adding organizations from 27 industries including datacenters, high-tech manufacturing, biotechnology, energy & utilities and facilities management – reinforcing its position as one of the world’s most innovative CMMS brands.”

Outlook for 2014

“We anticipate continued solid growth and I’m confident that our on-going commitment to innovation and superior technology will accelerate customer acquisition throughout 2014,” said Marc Castel, CEO. “We’ve got an exciting year planned, with additional machine integration end-points; financial APIs; the launch of MA Labs™ – a hacker-space where developers can build their own apps on top of MA CMMS™ for things like Google Glass and Arduino, using our open API and SDK; and an expanded in-app marketplace where our customers will be able to buy sell and trade their own equipment, supplies and services.”

About MA CMMS Software

From small businesses to global corporations, Maintenance Assistant CMMS provides a total maintenance management solution that streamlines maintenance operations and improves your bottom line. Maintenance Assistant helps companies improve asset availability and production capacity – safely and cost effectively, while at the same time improving legal, regulatory and audit compliance. “Our mission is to be the global CMMS of choice by focusing on product excellence, an outstanding customer experience and an easy-to-understand low monthly price” said Marc Castel, CEO. “With feedback and input from thousands of customers around the world we have been able to build an award-winning computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) service that has the features people actually use and not the ones that make it more complicated than it needs to be” said Bob Kandic, Chief Software Architect.

About Maintenance Assistant

Since its launch in 2006, Maintenance Assistant CMMS has been deployed in over 150 countries and in more than 30 languages. We are one of the fastest growing Maintenance Software solutions, providing a modern CMMS / EAM experience to customers around the world. For more information please contact: [email protected]

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