Fiix and Aerospec Technologies join forces to give the solar industry stronger data and healthier assets

September 1, 2020

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Fiix and Aerospec Technologies team up to give solar energy providers cutting-edge data analytics for improving maintenance and operations

Toronto, Canada—September 1, 2020— Fiix Inc. and Aerospec Technologies have announced a new partnership that sees the two software platforms join forces to amplify the capabilities of maintenance and operations teams in the field and provide solar energy providers with innovative methods to extend the performance and lifespan of solar assets.

“The requirements of every maintenance team are so unique and partnering with exceptional companies like Aerospec is how we will continue extending our CMMS into purpose-built solutions that tie together every asset, system, person, part, task, and piece of data in one platform. An open partner ecosystem is central to helping maintenance teams manage and excel through their digital transformation journey and build future-proof companies that can withstand the speed of change and any challenges that come with it,” says James Novak, CEO of Fiix.

Connecting Fiix’s industry-leading maintenance management platform with Aerospec’s cloud-based data analytics platform will allow solar asset owners and operators to monitor equipment and perform routine aerial maintenance inspections on demand. Integrating the two systems gives organizations the power to sync data acquired by drones and analyzed by Aerospec directly with Fiix to trigger maintenance tasks. It will also help companies automate and streamline workflow processes from Aerospec’s aerial inspection report to Fiix’s CMMS and let maintenance teams perform, review, and assign maintenance work all in one place.

“Aerosopec is thrilled to partner with Fiix as part of its comprehensive CMMS solution for the solar industry. The integration will provide near real-time analysis of asset conditions and seamlessly connect aerial intelligence with automated workflow management,” says Lance Li, CEO of Aerospec.

“This partnership will allow companies to harness the power of data and let maintenance teams target faults in equipment without having to manually check potentially thousands of assets spread across multiple large sites using standard time-based inspections. That means you can cut down on just about everything from wasted time to energy consumption, and safety risks,” says Novak.

The collaboration with Aerospec is the latest in Fiix’s rapidly growing IIoT partnership ecosystem that is connecting maintenance teams with the people, systems, and data they need to expand their impact by giving companies access to an extensive suite of high-powered Industry 4.0 business solutions and easy-to-use artificial intelligence tools.

About Aerospec Technologies

Aerospec Technologies is a software company that makes aerial thermography inspection of solar farms easier, faster, and more cost-effective. Our proprietary data analysis solutions allow operators to plan and execute missions and receive a comprehensive report in hours. Unique to its technology, Aerospec uses video thermography as data input, which the algorithm can deliver batches of reports to the user-friendly AeroSolar platform as soon as data is uploaded. Because of Aerospec’s industry-leading turnaround time, asset owners, EPCs, O&M providers can repair anomalies faster, leading to a higher and faster ROI. Our turnkey inspection solutions have collectively helped owners of over 15 GW on inspections. Learn more at

About Fiix

Fiix is the maintenance management platform that combines mobile asset management, work order, and parts management and supercharges it with the most open integration network and AI-driven insights. With Fiix, you can connect shop floor IoT solutions, parts suppliers, contractors, and corporate IT systems quickly and easily to improve the way physical assets and people interact and drive better business outcomes.

There are over 2600 maintenance teams in 90+ countries using Fiix to improve communication, asset health, and even sustainability. Learn more at

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