What is field service management software?

Field service management (FSM) software is a system accessible through mobile maintenance devices that helps managers and supervisors manage and monitor off-site workers and optimize the time and resources needed for each job.

FSM software helps facilitate field service processes and information and communication exchange between workers in the field and those in the plant. It allows field workers to view and make changes to schedules, work orders, customer account records, inventory, invoices, and other databases and records. Additionally, it enables customers to schedule and track service requests, communicate with field personnel, and provide input or feedback about the field service process.

SFM software is primarily used by companies that manufacture industrial products, utilities, and service-oriented businesses that require on-site services such as deployment and maintenance of equipment, cleaning, and repairs.

FSM software usually integrates with other software solutions such as CMMS software to manage information about maintenance operations, GIS software for location tracking, customer relationship management software to find information about customers, and product lifecycle management software or design software for technical specifications and instructions for maintenance and repairs.

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What are the benefits of field service management?

FSM has revolutionized how off-site workers do their jobs, managers, and supervisors enable their team’s success, and customers communicate with companies. FSM software provides a multitude of benefits to these groups of people in several ways:

  • Improved productivity: FSM software provides valuable data insights through dashboards and reporting that allow teams to make better decisions. Combined with access to quicker real-time communication, field technicians cut down on errors, improve first time fix rates, and increase the quality and quantity of work.
  • Increased efficiency: Operational efficiencies are optimized in how work orders are routed, scheduled, and recorded. FSM software also requires less time by field workers to document details or update the equipment maintenance log, thereby increasing the task completion rate and resolution of issues.
  • Greater accessibility: FSM software lets field technicians work through mobile devices or tools. Some tools even allow workers to use the solution offline, which is very handy if they are in the field without access to mobile data or wifi. The software enables technicians to access the information they need to do their work so that more work is done on-site, rather than transferring equipment back to the service provider's offices to be fixed.
  • More flexibility: FSM software allows teams to respond to customer service requests quicker, no matter where they are located. Management gets insight into what work needs to be done in real-time so they can coordinate jobs and technicians in a timely manner based on geography and expertise.
  • Better customer experience: FSM tools promote better customer experience by giving customers real-time insight into the work being done on their service requests. It also lets them communicate directly with technicians and back-office personnel in real-time.
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