What is a facility manager?

A facility manager is a person who manages the maintenance and operations of a facility. They are responsible for the planning, organization, directing, and controlling of all activities necessary to provide the facility with efficient operation. A facility manager may be employed by an individual property owner (e.g., a building owner or landlord) or by an agency that contracts with another entity to perform its facilities management services (e.g., a municipality).

What are the responsibilities of a facility manager?

  • The maintenance of the facility
  • Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the facility
  • Overseeing the budget for the facility
  • Managing the employees in a facility
  • Overseeing the safety and security of a facility

What are the educational requirements to be a facility manager?

The educational requirements to become a facility manager varies from place to place. Some require a degree in facility management, others just require a certificate in facility management. Some facility managers have degrees in other fields, like engineering or business. While others have experience in the field before they get a formal education.

There are some jobs where only an associate's degree is required; these positions generally involve basic maintenance and repair work, such as cleaning and fixing broken equipment. An associate’s degree in Facilities Management or something similar can be earned from community colleges and two-year schools. It involves taking courses like Building Systems Maintenance and Repair, Facility Management Principles, Introduction to Environmental Engineering Technology, and more.

In contrast, an undergraduate program in facilities management will give you more specialized knowledge about managing all aspects of your workplace, including its overall design, energy consumption levels (for example), employee safety regulations compliance (elevators, for example), fire protection systems, and more.

What is the annual salary of a facility manager?

The average salary for a facility manager is around $71,000 annually. This average changes depending on years of experience and formal education.

What are some benefits of becoming a facility manager?

The benefits of becoming a facility manager are numerous. The most obvious benefit is the satisfaction you will get from working with people, managing budgets, and overseeing the day-to-day operations at a facility. You will be responsible for everything from cleaning services to landscaping, so it’s important that you have an eye for detail, and understand how each system works.

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Being a facility manager has a lot of responsibilities behind it

Facility managers are responsible for the daily operations of their facilities, which can include everything from cleaning to fixing equipment. They also work closely with their employees to ensure that everyone is happy and productive at work. Finally, they serve as an ambassador for their company by interacting with customers and clients who visit the facility regularly.

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