Connect Fiix to the hardware and software your business relies on

With Fiix OT integrations, you can plan, track, and optimize maintenance based on real-time data from your assets. Connect any asset with Fiix CMMS to do condition-based maintenance and start using these integrations in as little as one week without breaking your budget or halting production.

  • Connect your PLCs, HMIs, vehicles, and sensors
  • Sync with MES, DCS, and SCADA systems
  • Easily set up condition-based maintenance on any asset
  • Starting at $3k per plant per year
  • No shutdowns required
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What are operational technology (OT) integrations?

Integrations create a link between your CMMS and other hardware and software systems. They allow asset data to flow between platforms and devices so you can schedule maintenance based on the real-time condition of your assets and without using multiple programs.

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What can I integrate with Fiix?

Thanks to its open API, the Fiix CMMS can integrate with just about any hardware or software, including:

  • Industrial devices: PLCs, HMIs, switches, and sensors

  • Industrial control systems: MES, DCS, and SCADA

  • Mobile assets: Vehicles, heavy equipment, and Telematic service provider (TSP) platforms

Automatically trigger work orders based on actual equipment utilization (such as run hours, cycle counts, or mileage) and real-time condition data (such as temperature, pressure, or lubrication).

Centralize real-time data from sensors, PLCs, HMIs, and more to track asset condition, online/offline status, and performance all in one place.

Share maintenance KPIs across departments to ensure everyone is using the same, accurate data when making operational expenditure and capital expenditure decisions.

Save time and money by consulting your CMMS instead of performing manual inspections and unneeded maintenance work.

Set up your condition-based maintenance program and start automating meter readings, driving accurate work order scheduling, and preventing asset failure.

Conduct vibration analysis by monitoring your equipment’s vibration anomalies including wavelength, and duration.

Explore the Fiix Integration Hub

From out-of-the-box, no-code solutions to our build-it-yourself API, it’s never been easier to do CMMS integrations your way.

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The Fiix app exchange

  • Out-of-the-box partner solutions for common hardware and software
  • Fastest and most popular option, completed in as little as one week
  • No downtime or shutdowns required
  • Starting at $3k/plant/year and $6k/plant one-time implementation
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Custom integration solutions

  • We build a custom integration solution for you
  • Ideal for uncommon hardware and software or complex deployments
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  • Create your own integration solution with Fiix’s open API
  • We provide the API resources and documentation
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