Webinar: The future of facilities management

April 10, 2018

| 1 min read

Navigating the modernization of facilities maintenance and management

There’s no question about it: Building construction isn’t slowing down any time soon. With construction growth projected to increase by 40% in the U.S. by 2025, there is an ever-expanding need for facilities and maintenance and management software. And as smarter buildings are being put in place, there is a need for smarter solutions.

Webinar: The future of facilities management and maintenance

Listen to Brice Kosnik of Buildpulse and Steve Ricard of Fiix discuss emerging trends in facilities management, including optimizing workflows and cutting down on repair times, enabling a seamless experience between building automation systems (BAS) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) through integrations, and the changing workforce (and how to hire to move with the times).

Brice and Steve also answer some audience questions around facilities management software training, critical areas where CMMS systems are essential, and more.

Watch the webinar below.

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