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November 25, 2013

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Locating Your Assets Using GPS Coordinates

We are always striving to improve the functionality of our system, without increasing complexity. In line with this aim we are pleased to announce you can now locate your assets using Latitude and Longitude GPS coordinates .

If you want, you can click and drag the location to be somewhere that is a little more accurate, or you can type in your own coordinates downloaded from a GPS system.

Locating Your Assets Using GPS Coordinates


Perhaps, you want to give an asset its own specific location based on GPS coordinates. Simply uncheck the inherit location box, and select the “Use GPS” radio button. Enter the coordinates of Latitude and Longitude, and the map will update the location. You can see in the example below that the water cooler in our 19 Mercer St Office (Toronto, Canada) is at Latitude = 43.645693, Longitude = -79.3904868.

We hope you enjoy using this new facility in your Fiix CMMS. If you would like to give the GPS coordinates option a go in our (free) online software trial, you can click the button below.


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