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SensrTrx provides manufacturers with the capability of knowing exactly how the floor is running with understandable and accessible data in real-time. A SensrTrx and Fiix integration allows companies to take that visibility a step further with a condition-based maintenance program and create an early-warning system to prevent failure before it happens.

Integrating Fiix and SensrTrx gives you:

  • Send real-time meter readings, usage information, and other asset data to Fiix
  • Automatically trigger work orders in Fiix based on actual equipment performance
  • Track failure codes from triggers and events generated by SensrTrx
  • Immediately create work orders when equipment breaks down
  • Make smarter decisions on maintenance scheduling and purchasing
  • Eliminate unnecessary maintenance activities, maximize resources, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce costs

Visit SensrTrx's website here.