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MAJiK Systems

True preventive maintenance should be based on actual asset usage (rather than a best guess timeline). MAJiK’s IIoT Connect makes this possible by triggering meter readings, work orders, and machine status updates based on actual machine data. Using MAJiK IIoT Connect to send real-time asset data to Fiix, you will be able to:

  • Reduce unnecessary PMs. Work orders are triggered based on predetermined changes in meter readings or machine status, meaning your team can focus on the work that matters
  • Increase asset availability. Triggering activities for operators and supervisors in addition to your maintenance team paves the way for total productive maintenance—which means fewer breakdowns and adjustments, and an overall more cost-effective way of running equipment

MAJiK’s Visual Factory is a cloud-based application that puts lean problem-solving power in everyone’s hands. Intuitive, visual displays allow you to quickly identify and act on issues. Visual Factory allows teams to:

  • Measure and manage KPIs. Get to the bottom of, and improve, important lean production measures like overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), cycle time, availability, mean time between failures (MTBF), and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Understand and improve your issues. Having a full view of real-time KPIs allows you to map value streams and understand constraints for workcells, lines, and your entire plant. Having one centralized source of truth means everyone can get on the same page to tackle big issues

Customers who implement Visual Factory at their facility can:

  • Provide employees with large screen displays on the plant floor
  • Compare equipment with different controls and reporting capabilities
  • Configure an intuitive dashboard with easy drag and drop functions
  • Stay on top of critical events with notifications and alarms
  • Tap into insights from anywhere with mobile access
  • View and improve processes with Factory Workflow Overview
  • Keep an eye on the factory floor with equipment monitoring
  • Gain insights and compare information with Shift Reporting

MAJiK also provides the ability to:

  • Create work orders in Fiix using data from PLCs and CNC-generated failure codes
  • Relay the cause of downtime from Fiix to PLCs, industrial PCs, and HMIs
  • Sync data between Fiix, SCADA systems, and OPC UA and DA-enabled devices
  • Conduct large-scale searches of SQL-based tracking systems
  • Improve work order tracking and capture accurate machine readings
  • Optimize maintenance scheduling and target underperforming assets
  • Identify the root cause of downtime by enabling predictive maintenance, machine learning, and AI

Visit Majik's website here.