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Maintenance software that’ll help your company break production records

Get the tools to plan maintenance, the data to make it more efficient, and the support to soar past your uptime targets

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The average maintenance team using Fiix:

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Reduces downtime by 27%

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Cuts operating costs by 10%

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Decreases repair times by 20%

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4,000+ maintenance teams use Fiix to keep their equipment running at its best

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Everything you need to manage 1000s of work orders, assets, and parts in a few clicks

Wrench Work order management

Stop struggling with paper work orders

Easily create, complete, and optimize work orders and work requests while keeping your records in one place. Automatically analyze your work orders with the work order insights report.

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The average maintenance team creates, prioritizes, and assigns work orders 78% faster with Fiix

Gear Asset management

Managing your assets shouldn’t be guesswork

Observe, track, and optimize asset performance in a few clicks.

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“We’re more organized than ever with Fiix. Downtime is lessened because we know what we need and where it is.”

Kristy C., Maintenance Manager, Automotive Manufacturing

Toolbox Inventory management

Take full control of your storeroom

Get the right parts, at the right time, for the right price.

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“Fiix allows me to track a complete history of repairs, parts and costs, and have it summed up in one report.”

Barry T., Facility Manager, Non-Profit Organization Management

Pie chart Analytics and Reporting

One tool to see, sort, and act on all your maintenance data

Visualize and filter your data in hundreds of ways to quickly spot how to boost uptime, reduce waste, and more

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Fiix’s analytics tools help maintenance teams cut labor costs by 44% and audit costs by 13% on average.

Mobile android Mobile maintenance

Everything you need to get the job done in the palm of your hand

Manage maintenance from anywhere, at any time, even without an internet connection.

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“We frequently use Fiix in the field with no internet service. Even there it works well to do meter readings and work orders.”

Claude D., Maintenance Supervisor, Facility Management

Visualization screens

See how maintenance teams like yours are using Fiix to cut downtime, costs, and more

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Learn how Voltalia’s maintenance team saved over 2,000 hours a year with Fiix

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Fiix video play screen

Watch how Ryan Robinson’s maintenance team reduced unscheduled maintenance by more than 50% with Fiix

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Fiix keeps your maintenance data safe

Stop data from going missing or falling into the wrong hands with our world-class security features, including:

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Constant data backups

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99.5% uptime guarantee

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Hosted on Amazon Web Services

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SOC 2 Type 2 compliance

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‘A’ security rating from

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Get data from any system you want and use it to see the future of your facility

Use Fiix’s endless integration capabilities and AI-powered reporting to get data that works for you, because guesswork isn’t good work.

Fiix Asset Risk Predictor

Predict and prevent asset failure before it happens

Set up predictive maintenance in as little as two weeks so you can cut downtime, skip unnecessary inspections, and keep production running.

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